Saved sets autoactivating some addons #152

  • Forge_User_15085290 created this issue May 18, 2020

    Hey, okay, I got the following problem.....i got Addon sets for some stuff, lets say other sets for Raids, Dungeons and outside questen aswell as PvP. Now everytime i load a saved set some addons just aktivate, especially TradeSkillMaster. Even if i dissable TSM, save the set and load it again it just activates again. Someone know whats up with that?

  • kaibalr posted a comment Aug 14, 2020

    Did you find any solution to this? I'm having the same problem.

  • spiralofhope posted a comment Oct 4, 2020

    You aren't alone; I just noticed the same problem.


  • spiralofhope posted a comment Oct 5, 2020

    I think I am able to reproduce something similar:


    When I go down my list and toggle off-on some addons, an addon a couple of entries underneath will get enabled.



    Addon Control Panel




    ArkInventory [Configuration]

    ArkInventory [Rules]

    ArkInventory [Rules] Example

    ArkInventory [Search]

    Basic Threat Bar

    Battle Pet BreedID


    If I toggle "ArkInventory" off and on, then "Battle Pet BreedID" is turned on.  It does not turn off when ArkInventory is toggled off/on.


    Edited Oct 5, 2020
  • Forge_User_49870489 posted a comment Oct 17, 2020

    Yeah its frustrating, you make a default set for all chars, then when you try and apply it to other char other addons will also just randomly turn on as well

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