AddonSkins for ElvUI conflict prevents proper set loads #151

  • lantokk created this issue Feb 12, 2020

    I found a conflict between AddonSkins for ElvUI and ACP. I actually wrote all the paragraphs below this one before I finally figured out the solution, which was to turn off reskinning ACP. I'm not sure where in the code the bug(s) is, though. That I'll leave for you developers to figure out hopefully expedited by my details. Meanwhile if anybody else has the experience I describe below, it should resolve itself by unchecking the toggle box within AddonSkins (inside the ElvUI config window) that permits it to reskin ACP.



    I spent the time this afternoon building 4 different sets (minimum, normal extras, battlegrounds, pet battles) and ended up making a 5th that combined 3 of them since adding sets to the current wasn't surviving through reload OR relog. However even this fifth set does not persist through either reload or relog. I thought maybe the loaded list was defaulting to either the set accessible through the character selection window OR maybe Set #1 in ACP, but neither seems to be the case. Which addons are on upon reload or relog matches none of them.


    So I decided to try converting the "minimum" saved set to protected. Now all those addons remain on except when I use the dialog box that only popped up immediately after login, not reload, that declares that some protected addons did not load—would I like them to. The dialog only persisted a few seconds, so I relogged to get it again and clicked the affirmative. Doing so didn't load anything new but rather turned off ALL addons.


    So, a protected addon will always load (I think) unless I click the yes button in the dialog, which turns off all addons. Additionally, some other addons may be loaded anyway while the ones in my active list upon logout/login or reload bears no relationship to the result. Protection is the only feature that is persisting; but that's no better than the default UI, meaning that ACP is not really working [when reskinned by AddonSkins].


    Thanks for a great addon. I have used it (when it's worked) for about a decade. -CJ

  • lantokk posted a comment Feb 12, 2020

    Okay, so now it's screwed up again and AddonSkins remained toggled off regarding ACP. I tested with AddonSkins off altogether to no avail. Through sheer persistence I've managed to get TomTom to stop reverting back to checked on and corrected a few others. I have no idea what's wrong, but perhaps all this drivel will turn on a light bulb for you. The fact that it was fixed for one iteration hopefully indicates where to start.

    Edited Feb 12, 2020

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