Issue: Profile turns on addons that aren't in there. #135

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Assigned to sylvanaar
  • Forge_User_13369242 created this issue Oct 15, 2016


    I've created a default addon group with 141 addons.
    When I select it and choose load, it always turns on some additional addons that aren't in its saved list. Namely:
    Bigwigs (core only), Outfitter (I've now deleted this addon I don't even use it for a while) and some libraries (callbackhandler, databroker, swatter, slidebar (deleted this one too), stubby and libstub).

    So I've removed them from the selection, reload my choosen 141 addon, click save on my default profile but then when I repeat the process it always turn these addons on, and also include it in the above list, so the 141 addon always turns out to be more than that number.

    I've checked the saved variable, but the profiles there are okay, only the 141 addon is included. I assume this is some kind of bug, not profile related.
    I've tried to create another profile another save location, same issue.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  • Forge_User_13369242 added the tags New Defect Oct 15, 2016

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