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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.0.1


2014-08-09  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

[4ce21f75e89f] [tip]
* ACP.toc

Advance the tip to build the right branch for distribution

* ACP.toc

Advance the tip to build the right branch for distribution

* ACP.lua ACP.xml

Replace the blizzard Addon button's OnClick with ACP's.
Don't add an ACP addons button to the game menu
Add the load out of date addons check box even though it doesn't work on beta

2014-07-22  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* ACP.toc

Advance the tip to build the right branch for distribution

2014-07-20  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* ACP.toc localization-enUS.lua

TOC 60000 for WoD beta. Rename "AddOns" button to "AddOns (ACP)" Still has a lot
of features not present in the default blizz UI that may be useful to some.

2014-07-06  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.8 for changeset 27ded020aebc

2014-07-04  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

[27ded020aebc] [3.4.8]
* ACP.xml localization-enUS.lua

Add a tooltip explaining what recursive does

2014-01-23  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.7 for changeset 7371dc23e406

* .hgtags:


2014-01-19  root  <[email protected]>

* .hgtags:

Tagging as 3.4.6

2013-12-18  oscarucb  <oscarucb>

[7371dc23e406] [3.4.7]
* ACP.xml

fix GameMenu button spacing, which changed behavior in 5.4.2

2013-09-29  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.5 for changeset e172b43dfbf5

[e172b43dfbf5] [3.4.5]
* ACP.lua


* ACP.lua

Remove some old code

* ACP.lua

Bump the protected addon dialog timeout to 10 secondds, and don't try
to call ReloadUI anymore when it times out.

* ACP.lua


* ACP.lua

Make sure handlers use this as their first paramater

2013-09-10  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.4 for changeset 8e96649d539a

[8e96649d539a] [3.4.4]
* ACP.toc

TOC 50400

2013-05-22  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.3 for changeset cb03f3834756

[cb03f3834756] [3.4.3]
* ACP.toc

TOC 50300

2013-03-08  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.2 for changeset 8dc1a0a1a2d3

[8dc1a0a1a2d3] [3.4.2]
* ACP.toc

TOC 50200

2012-11-27  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.1 for changeset e277a9102760

[e277a9102760] [3.4.1]
* ACP.toc

TOC 50100

2012-08-28  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4 for changeset ad2de738114d

[ad2de738114d] [3.4]
* ACP.toc

TOC 50001

2012-07-16  dave  <dave@Dave.home>

* ACP.lua ACP.xml

Smoother scrolling; now calls UpdateAddOnMemoryUsage on showing the frame, not on every scroll.

2012-07-01  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@mindspring.com>

* ACP.lua localization-enUS.lua

Make use of GetAddOnOptionalDependencies(). Show it where X-Embeds used to be. If recursive enable option checked, optional dependencies that are LoD get enabled.

* ACP.toc localization-itIT.lua

add itIT localization