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    May 1, 2011
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tag v1.2.2
root <root@db06.curselive.local>
2011-05-01 06:25:56 +0000

Tagging as v1.2.2


    - X offsets for 2-digit seconds only apply to horizontal layouts
    - cleanup unneeded 'not not'; relational operators always result in true/false
    - Big batch of changes for patch 4.1.
    - Remove LibButtonFacade
    - Updated default disease time to 15. Updated a change to UnitDebuff.
    - Updating .toc to 30100
    - Fixed icon not resetting the size if it pulses and then immediately spins Removed Sudden Doom proc since it doesn't exist anymore
    - Added bar border for runes Added bar border for runic power bar Added background for runic power bar Added set reverse for runic power bar Added set orientation for runic power bar Extended range on bar and rune spacing Changed what icon alpha adjusts. It applies to the icon texture instead of the entire object Changed EnhancedStatusBar texture layer to ARTWORK
    - Some cleanup in Diseases OnUpdate. Added hundreths font size option. Renamed ones position to seconds position (less confusing, and doesn't affect backwards compatibility).
    - Renamed Behavior to Linear Animation in Runes > Icons. Replaced Behavior with icon animations so that users can choose animations (Spin, Pulse and Spin, Pulse, or None) with On Usable, On Unusable, Death to Normal, Normal to Death. Added an option to toggle usable text pulsing.
    - Added gradual fade in for icons. Seperated text positioning into normal and reversed.
    - Updating Locales.lua LoadAddOn fixed in the loader.
    - Initial import.
    - "acherus/mainline: Initial Import"

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