[QUESTION] Force redrawing of ace config dialog #535

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  • Montrazul created this issue Feb 6, 2020

    I just have a question and hope this place can also be used for that:

    Im currently working on my own interface and ofcourse I use the ace libraries.
    I skinned all ace widgets to match to my interface design. It works great.
    Im currently only struggeling with one thing:

    I provide options to change frame backgrounds, borders, colors, etc. and 
    I also apply these changes to the ace widgets. Currently the changes only 
    take effect after interface reload. 
    It would be much cooler if the changes take effect in realtime. So what I 
    would need is a redraw of the gui. 
    NotifyChange from the config dialog registry can not be used for that. 
    It updates all the options but it does not redraw the gui.

    Is there a way to force the redrawing of the whole ace config dialog?

  • Montrazul added a tag New Feb 6, 2020

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