AceConfig - the grab bar for width resizing of a a group/list is locked until the main frame is resized #529

  • Arkayenro created this issue Jan 14, 2020

    if your config has a tree group (imported from an ace options table) the "grab bar" for width resizing is locked until you resize the overall frame, then its unlocked and you can increase the width of the group/list


    could this please be unlocked by default?


    also would it be possible to pass in a width for tree groups?  even if it was just the single / double width options that we have for the other base widgets but anything that allows us to have more control over group width would be very helpful


    i make excessive use of tree groups in the config for arkinventory if you need an example

  • Arkayenro edited description Jan 14, 2020

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