Header widget issues on :Release. Elements remaining #528

  • Soyier created this issue Dec 27, 2019

    I am having a reoccurring issue where header widgets are not always fully released, with some parts of the header widget remaining and overlapping new content.


    My layout consists of a tabbed layout, with sections of configuration widgets (radio buttons, checkboxes, etc) filling the frame, with different groupings of widgets separated vertically by a header than spans the full width.


    Usually what happens is the first horizontal line decoration will persist when switching tabs, overlapping the content on the subsequent tab. Likewise, when I move the window, the erroneously persistent horizontal line stays fixed to the world frame, rather than to the window Frame. So something odd is happening with the release of these widgets. Something is causing the first horizontal line separator to detach from the window and remain visible, overlapping new content.

  • Soyier posted a comment May 3, 2020

    Any chance in taking a look at this? After looking more into it, I can consistently get this issue to happen when I call :Release on a Header widget, and then redraw the frame. The second time the header widget is drawn, the "left" element (the line on the left) will be pinned in the wrong location and will be stuck to UIParent. I'm attaching two images, the first is the initial draw which looks correct, the second image is the subsequent redraws showing how the "left" element stays pinned to the screen:




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