Header widget issue with tabbed layouts #528

  • Soyier created this issue Dec 27, 2019

    I am having a reoccurring issue where header widgets are not always fully released when switching between tabs in a custom layout, with some parts of the header widget remaining and overlapping new content.


    My layout consists of a tabbed layout, with sections of configuration widgets (radio buttons, checkboxes, etc) filling the frame, with different groupings of widgets separated vertically by a header than spans the full width.


    Usually what happens is the first horizontal line decoration will persist when switching tabs, overlapping the content on the subsequent tab. Likewise, when I move the window, the erroneously persistent horizontal line stays fixed to the world frame, rather than to the window Frame. So something odd is happening with the release of these widgets. Something is causing the first horizontal line separator to detach from the window and remain visible, overlapping new content.

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