Label Widget, icon, min text width #527

  • namrakadabra created this issue Nov 13, 2019

    Why does the Label Widget force us to set the minimum width for the label widget to 200 + icon_width if we want to show them side by side. I have a small window and don't want to make it bigger than 150. The workaround is to use the icon widget in combination with the label widget, but then I get the glow of the Icon widget which I also don't need.


    Kind Regards


    From: AceGUIWidget-Label.lua

    local imagewidth = image:GetWidth()
    		if (width - imagewidth) < 200 or (label:GetText() or "") == "" then
    			-- image goes on top centered when less than 200 width for the text, or if there is no text
    			label:SetPoint("TOP", image, "BOTTOM")
    			height = image:GetHeight() + label:GetStringHeight()
    			-- image on the left


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