Can't select all text in MultiLineEditBox with lots of text #522

  • Defect
  • Alaror created this issue Sep 1, 2019

    I'm trying to output text (around 1500 lines) generated by my addon in a form that can be copied by the player. When I try to highlight the text it doesn't allow me scroll to the very bottom, stopping about half way there. If you scroll to the very bottom and try to drag from there, it'll automatically start scrolling to the top while highlighting the text. The problem with this is that once you copy/paste you see that it cuts off the bottom 40 or so lines.


    I've tried using HighlightText and SetFocus, but using these doesn't allow the player to ctrl+c the text. It's not until you click in the box that you're allowed to copy, but clicking deselects all of the text.

  • Alaror added a tag Defect Sep 1, 2019

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