Heading GUI Widgets do not show correctly after creation. #465

  • SLOKnightFall created this issue Sep 5, 2018

    There appears to be a possible issue with the Heading GUI widet as it does not show correctly after its creation and addition to the container.


    I used the following code to add a heading to a existing container that have other items that display correctly.


    local AF_Header = AceGUI:Create("Heading") <br />scroll:AddChild(AF_Header)<br />AF_Header:SetText("Header")&lt;br print(AF_Header:IsShown())


    The IsShown returned true and using /fstack I can see that there is a frame where the heading should be. After a bunch of experimentation I found that I needed to set AF_Header:SetRelativeWidth(1) to actually get the heading to show. Im not sure if this is the expected functionality and if so then perhaps the documentation might need to be updated, as it looks like it has been a problem for people since 2015

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  • nevcairiel posted a comment Sep 7, 2018

    Which layour is your container? Flow?


    Headings are full width by default (ie. Header:SetFullWidth()), which means that in a Flow Layout, they should get their own row and fill it up entirely. 100% relative width probably has a similar effect, but uses a different code path to draw it.

  • SLOKnightFall posted a comment Sep 8, 2018

    It was in a scroll frame using the Flow layout.

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