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  • 3.3.5


Ace3 Release - Revision r960 (July 20th, 2010)
- AceGUI-3.0: Label: Reset Image Size and TexCoords on Acquire (Ticket #110)
- AceGUI-3.0: CheckBox: Re-apply the disabled state after setting a value, so the visuals are correct in either case. (Ticket #107)
- AceGUI-3.0: Icon: Fix the vertical size. It'll now properly scale with the image size, and not be fixed to about 110px. (Ticket #104)
- AceGUI-3.0: External Containers (Frame, Window) should always start in a visible state. (Ticket #121)
- AceGUI-3.0: Added Blizzard sounds to widgets (Ticket #120)
- AceGUI-3.0: CheckBox: check for self.desc:GetText() being nil as well as "" to prevent setting the wrong height on the checkbox causing bouncing checkboxes.
- AceGUI-3.0: Rewrite of the MultiLineEditBox (Ticket #68)
- AceGUI-3.0: CheckBox: Fix alignment of the text in OnMouseDown when an image is set. (Ticket #142)
- AceGUI-3.0: Add SetMaxLetters APIs to EB and MLEB (Ticket #135)
- AceGUI-3.0: Frame: Add events for OnEnter/OnLeave of the statusbar (Ticket #139)
- AceGUI-3.0: Major cleanups and refactoring in nearly all widgets and containers.
- AceConfigDialog-3.0: Always obey the min/max values on range-type widgets (Ticket #114)
- AceConfigDialog-3.0: Pass iconCoords set on groups in the options table to the tree widget (Ticket #111)
- AceConfigDialog-3.0: Implement "softMin" and "softMax", allowing for a UI-specific minimum/maximum for range controls, while allowing manual input of values in the old min/max range. (Ticket #123)
- AceConfigDialog-3.0: Don't close frames in CloseAll that are being opened after the CloseAll event was dispatched. (Ticket #132).
- AceSerializer-3.0: Fix encoding & decoding of \030. (Ticket #115)
- AceDB-3.0: Remove empty sections on logout, keeping the SV clean of more useless informations.
- AceDBOptions-3.0.lua Fix a string typo (Ticket #141)