Aug 24, 2016 xtoq Release
IMPORTANT! If you have custom quotesets, please backup your files before updating. I'm still learning, and even though I improved some things like the smart chat channel selection, I still have not added the feature to keep from overwriting your old/custom quotesets when I update. I had to update to fix an issue with Curse only giving out the old outdated version, and this will reset your custom quotesets. You can copy and paste them back in below the "-- Custom quotesets" line in the .lua...
Bagsy: A DataBroker Plugin


Jan 20, 2016 xtoq Release
Bagsy: A DataBroker Plugin for World of Warcraft You must have an LDB display addon for Basgy to work. The screenshot below will tell you everything you'll need to know about this plugin, but basically it's all about bag information - free slots, taken slots, that kind of thing. Set the options in the GUI, and submit tickets on GitHub (preferred), CurseForge or WoWInterface if you run into problems. Most recent changes (see changelog for earlier releases) 6.2.1 - 1/20/2016 try to force update...