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Operation Terran Shield

May 05, 2010 xhatix Release
Operation Terran Shield. The Terran's gone crazy and you are a Siege Tank Pilot. Your goal is to defend yourself against the incoming Terran forces. Read before use: Controls: W,S - change Y of Crosshairs A,D - change X of Crosshairs Up (Arrow key) - (Press/Hold) Shock Gun, takes 2 seconds to reload Down (Arrow Key) - (Press/Hold) Impulse Cannon, takes 2 seconds to reload, shares with Shock Gun Left (Arrow Key) - Place Mine, 30s reload (adv. weapon reload) General hints: Shock Gun is dealing...


Apr 23, 2010 xhatix Beta
This will be an action-adventure based on a greater team map project (Uan), resulting in a short story scratch and introducing one of currently 10 characters to the project Uan. Story intro: Elluan, a former Zealot, was exiled from the Protoss race. All, he was able to take with him, was his armament and armor. Now, he tries to fullfil his fate by maintain his face and prove he is worthy of being a protoss.

Uan - the Rising

Apr 20, 2010 xhatix Planning
A map, awesomeness, heroes, units, bunch of explosions. More informations will follow