Mar 05, 2011 xhatix Planning
StarCluster StarCluster is a simple StarCraft2(SC2) Editor specialized for direct input to data, galaxy, locales and layout. It is meant to work fully without SC2 installed on the PC, if you have SC2 installed further features will be enabled. StarCluster's support for multi-filed data, galaxy, locales and layout allow to easily work on a single project with multiple developers/mappers at the same time and easy share through any version control. Features Data Editing Galaxy Editing Localizer...

SC2 Localizer

Feb 21, 2011 xhatix Release
----\TermsOfUsage/---- I will NOT take the responsibility if your project got completly messed up. So make sure you use backup. ----/TermsOfUsage\---- Requirements Currently, ".Net 3.0" is required, and Windows OS. (compiled on Win7 64-Bit) Features Easy 2 click localization. (Browse, Localization) Compression Backuping (, the backup is actually the file #ORIGINALNAME#-Year-Month-Day-#HexTime# as example "IareMap-012-12-23-abcabc.SC2Map") Primary Localization - Option to set original...

Hero Utility

May 25, 2010 xhatix Release
This mod is ment to give people a base to create heroes, more easily and fluently than doing all from the scratch. As of Patch13 i changed / had to change some stuff to Placeholders to just 'show-off' how things should be done. Includes: CAbilLearn LEARNINGABILITY (GENERIC) - allows you to simply add spells via tokens to be learnable by the ability parenting "LEARNINGABILITY (GENERIC)", and so generate easy and clean new Learning-Trees for heroes Requirement IsLevel6 (Placeholder) - Checks if...


May 07, 2010 xhatix Release
Basic keyboard trigger templates - enables you to move a unit with WSAD (complete), may move diagonal. Required changes: Unit(s) in gMovementUnit Keys if you want to use others