SpartanUI: Chinese Font

Jun 16, 2016 wutname1 Release
SpartanUI SpartanUI has historically used Cognosis as its font and has poorly performed for multiple languages. In the latest builds of SpartanUI the addon is has moved to Goggle's NotoSans, while the new font NotoSans does a very good job of covering most languages (Over 30 Languages in 1 file). The Simplified Chinese character set is separate in order to keep down the file size. In order to do the same with SpartanUI the chinese font has been split off into its own addon. When you run this...
Fel Style


Oct 27, 2016 wutname1 Release
SpartanUI SpartanUI was originally designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. While that is still the core focus of the primary addon and configuration it has become much more since MoP. Whats new in SpatanUI 4.0 Starting with SpartanUI 4.0.0 SpartanUI has begun to introduce a fully theme-able system giving you multiple looks and styles. Completely modular so that you, the user can use only the pieces you want and give you the complete control...