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Roomba - Guild Bank Restacker

Nov 29, 2014 wobin Release
Roomba. Your Guild bank restacker. Basic operation: Open your guildbank. When things are all loaded up, you'll get a couple of buttons on the bottom left. Run Roomba and Scan Bank. If there's nothing to stack, you'll only get Scan Bank (which you can use to recheck the bank for new things to stack) You can set the hotkeys for the buttons as well. This addon should ignore existing items in your inventory, and only restack guild bank items. If you exit out of the guild bank before the stacking...
Ingredient indicators

Sous Chef - Provisioning Assistant

Nov 29, 2014 wobin Release
Inspired somewhat, by ingeniousclown's Research Assistant, Sous Chef will make your provisioning life somewhat easier, by keeping track of things so you don't have to. Sous Chef will work through your cookbook, and then whenever you look at your inventory or bank, will mark Provisioning Ingredients with the Provisioning Rank of any matching recipes that you know (I, II, III, IV, V, VI). If you mouse over the ingredient, Sous Chef will let you know which recipes use that ingredient, along with...
Sorting Weapons

Mr Plow - Inventory Sorter

Aug 11, 2014 wobin Release
"That name again, is Mr Plow" Mr Plow is a sorting addon that will reorder the items in your inventories to a more organised state. The order of results is borrowed heavily from ingeniousclown's Advanced Filters. And, just like the WoW version, the order is hard coded atm, but fairly straightforward to adjust in the code. Making a settings panel that will allow adjustment is my next step.


Aug 11, 2014 wobin Release
Currently, the way ESO sorts items is essentially by column, you have a data point for each item, eg, name and you sort the list of objects by that data point. One thing that this default sorting mechanism offers, however, is a tiebreaker option. If we're sorting by name and a tiebreaker is required, because we are comparing two items with the same name, it falls to the tiebreaker datapoint to determine order of result, eg stackSize Now the general sorting of items in the real world doesn't...

Addon Clearer

Aug 11, 2014 wobin Release
A simple addon that adds two buttons to the Addon setting menu, Unselect All and Select All. If you have all addons selected, 'Unselect All' will unselect everything. If you have a subset of addons selected, 'Unselect All' will unselect everything, but save which ones you had set, and change the button to 'Select Saved' It also mouse activates the labels of the addons, so you can click those to select/deselect If you select/deselect a single addon, then shift click on another addon further...

Borrower And Lender - NPC Muter

May 30, 2014 wobin Release
This is a simple addon that basically ducks the Voice Over volume temporarily to zero when a few things happen You interact with a banking NPC an NPC chats or yells, and you've heard it before This addon was brought about by the insanity that the bank lady in Daggerfall causes You can add and remove npcs from a whitelist that will cause the addon to ignore them. Use this if you like the bards in the inns and the like. Use /baladd and /balremove then click/mouseover the npc you wish to manage....
Charge Window

Charge Squire - Weapon Charging Utility

May 25, 2014 wobin Release
A simple addon that will just reopen the Soulgem weapon charging window if your previous charge did not fully fill the weapon. Useful if you want to use up lower level soul gems.
Cycle through your guilds

Guild Bank Cycler

May 23, 2014 wobin Release
A simple Quality of Life addon. This will allow you to mousewheel through the guildbanks and guildshops when you pull up the list (usually with 'F'), or on the dropdown for the Guild Panel