Analogue Clock

Sep 27, 2016 watchout Mature
Analogue representation of any data is a lot easier to grasp for the human brain than a digital one, thus, the good old analogue clock will help you to quickly judge the exact time. ;) This addon replaces the calendar button with an analogue clock. It will still pulse as the calendar-button does when new invites are pending and basically functions as a combination of time frame and calendar frame. Usage hints Left-click the clock to open the calendar interface. Or Right-click the clock for...
Elementary HUD


Aug 18, 2016 watchout Alpha
This add-on provides a simplistic, clean and (real) curved HUD for the player character. The left bar shows your player's health and the current targets cast bar. Health bar color will change depending on health left, and the enemy cast bar will change depending whether it is interruptible. The casting spell name and cast time is shown at the bottom of the bar, spell-cast duration is shown at the top. The right bar shows your player's main power and your player's cast bar. Color will also...
Config / GUI

Grease Goblin

Sep 08, 2016 watchout Mature
Grease Goblin is an Addon that makes writing and distributing small Scripts quick and painless. You know the Firefox Add-On Greasemonkey? Yes. It's basically just like that. Grease Goblin uses a similar markup as Greasemonkey at the beginning of every script to define when it gets run. This markup is very simple, but cASe-sensitive. Any databases, markup and API are kept as static as possible, so that if you write a script, it will not just stop working when you update the addon. The...


Jul 23, 2016 watchout Release
This is a tokenizer for the Lua language. I put it up as a library so others may benefit from my weird love of creating low-level code. It is written to be run in standard (CLI) Lua 5.1 as well as WoW Lua. The Library is not yet fully featured, but I consider the "API" stable and the tokenizer itself as well. There is a sample parser that outputs HTML in the test folder and some sample WoW Lua parser will follow or will be accessible in the Addon GreaseGoblin. API LuaTokenizer:Tokenize(...)...


Aug 25, 2016 watchout Release
This addon is a development addon that lets you display contents of variables and continually updates the result. Features Continuous colored output of values, tables, selected functions/methods, and ui objects Left-click any line in a table to open a new watcher watching for this key - unless it's a function Most functions are blocked, unless explicitly whitelisted Try /rewatch after reloading your ui, you'll love it Use your scrollwheel... Right-Click the title bars for a dropdown menu The...