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Oct 15, 2016 warbaby Release
Main Features Load most addons on the fly WITHOUT reloading, see details for more information. Search addons by folders, titles and even descriptions. Never scroll the super-long list again! Group addons by the same categories on Curse site. Perfect companion of Curse Client, enhancing the in-game addon management. Profiles for different characters and different gaming phase. List only main module for multi-folder addons, clean and clear. Convenient option panels for each addon, best choice...


Oct 07, 2016 warbaby Release
Before 7.0 the cvar "trackQuestSorting" can be se to "proximity", and Blizzard will use SortQuestWatches() to sort watching quests. But it's broken now in 7.0.3. All the codes are the same except SortQuestWatches() does nothing. I write this addon to provide a solution for this situation, by simply replacing the API GetQuestWatchInfo(). The addon updates all quests distance twice a second. if a nearer quest is found, a "click" sound will be played, and the quest will be highlighted (use API...


Sep 04, 2016 warbaby Release
Greatly extends the player drop down menu without secure taint. This mod works on these menu player link in chat frame player menu in Friends Frame player menu in Guild Frame player menu in BlizzardRaidUI Other powerful feature Still have the "Target" option when out of combat! NEVER taint the RaidUI dropdown menu Alt + LClick player link to invite him Shift + LClick player link to query his information (SendWho) Ctrl + LClick player link to target him (no use in combat) Added menu options...


Sep 04, 2016 warbaby Release
A visual module for Grid. This is a "bad" module for Grid, because it is a little against the "Thinking of Grid". But perhaps it is just what you are looking for. This module adds small buff(debuff) icons in the Grid unit frames, just like the Blizzard RaidUI pullout buttons. There are many options to tune - size, position, layout, filter, etc. The brief difference between this mod and others, is that it doesn't need to know the name of the buff(debuff). It just shows all of them....


Sep 04, 2016 warbaby Release
An alternative of Clique for those who use only Grid (Blizzard RaidUI is also supported now). Provides an easy & quick configuration frame. Choose "Grid - Frames - Click Set“ menu to open the configration frame. It is self-explained(I only have Chinese client screen shot:). PS: You can use "##" in a macro, for example, "/cast [target=##]Healing Wave" will be parsed into "/cast [target=raid1]Healing Wave”. The "raid1" is just the raid unit id of each grid button.
Banzai Incoming Spell


Sep 04, 2016 warbaby Release
A status module for Grid, used to be GridStatusBanzai. There are 3 statuses: "Enemy target" : The instant target of the hostile mobs or players. This status can track some temporary non-aggro target change. "Enemy incoming spell" : The current one spell mobs casting on raid members. If assigned to icon indicator, it can show spell icon and remaining time. "Target Raid Icon" : The raid icon of each raid members target. (Same as one of GridStatusRaidIcons's statuses) The former GridStatusBanzai...


Sep 04, 2016 warbaby Release
An extension for Grid. GridLayoutLayouts.lua file contains many "Layouts" to arrange the unit buttons. Sometimes we may find it doesn't meet the needs. This extension makes it possible to add new layouts in game. And it simplified the code to describe a layout. Click "Grid - Layouts - Custom Layouts" to bring up a edit frame. Each line stands for a Unit Button Group. The Grammer is: attribute1=value1;attribute2=value2;...;attributeN=valueN; List of the attributes...


Jul 30, 2016 warbaby Release
This addon is separated from my addon "TheBurningTrade" (here). New version of TheBurningTrade no longger provides the trade log feature. You can use the new TheBurningTrade(version 2.0+) and TradeLog together, or only use the old version of TheBurningTrade. Features that old TheBurningTrade has : Redirects the trade result information to the chat window to avoid missing them Records detailed trade info and provides CROSS-SESSION trade list Analyze why trade failed. Was it because you ran...


Jul 25, 2016 warbaby Release
The trade channel version of LFGForwarder, which will let you see trade channel wherever you are. The command is /tfw instead of /lfw The LFGForwarder is here : [email protected]


Jul 09, 2015 warbaby Release
This addon simulates the GoW(Gears of War) combat indicator, to let you easily make sense of your HP. GearHUD is now dragable and resizable! - '/gearhud' or '/gh' to lock/unlock - '/gearhud' or '/gh reset' to reset to default - right click the resize handler to lock. Ever played the "epic" EPIC's game <Gears of War>? The bloody skull health indicator really makes some sense. And this addon simulates it in World of Warcraft! There are four level of different texture, see the screen shots....


Jul 09, 2015 warbaby Release
'''Lots of handy improvements to the TradeFrame'' 請注意 很多朋友問我TheBurningTrade為什么沒有交易通告了,可能是英語不方便吧,這里用中文說明一下. 交易通告已經分離為另一個單獨的插件TradeLog (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tradelog.aspx) 不但完善了原有的通告功能,更可以看到與當前交易人的近期交易歷史. TheBurningTrade將來的方向是交易界面的增強,而TradeLog是用來處理交易日志和交易記錄的. 抱歉因為插件功能分離給大家造成不便. Trade Log and History List These features are moved to another addon - "TradeLog". (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tradelog.aspx) Redirects the trade result information to...