Apr 08, 2010 Sholdak Alpha
Milky Way Edit is designed to be a simple gui based editor for starcraft 2 maps. IT is meant to allow map editing before the galaxy edit comes out.Plans are to support editing of galaxy files, editing/cloning/addition of gamedata, placing/editing of units, editing map info and player info(race, position, color)

Debug Utilities

Mar 27, 2010 vjeux Release
Several functions that helps debugging. string BoolToString (bool b); string FixedToString (fixed f, int precision); string PointToString (point p); string OrderToString (order o); string UnitToString (unit u); string PlayerToString (int p); void d (string s); // Debug String void dt (text s); // Debug Text void di (int i); // Debug Int void df (fixed f); // Debug Fixed void db (bool b); // Debug Bool void dp (point p); // Debug Point void dpl (int p); // Debug Player void dord(order o); //...

Basic Mathematic Functions

Mar 23, 2010 vjeux Release
// Basic int round(fixed f); int floor(fixed f); int ceil(fixed f); bool isInt(fixed f); fixed mod(fixed f, fixed k); // Trigonometric const fixed PI = 3.14159265; const fixed PI_OVER_TWO = 1.570796326795; const fixed ONE_OVER_PI = 0.318309886183; const fixed SQRT_TWO = 1.414213562373; const fixed MATH_E = 2.718281828459; fixed cos (fixed x); fixed sin (fixed x); fixed tan (fixed x); fixed sec (fixed x); fixed csc (fixed x); fixed cot (fixed x); fixed DegToRad (fixed x); fixed RadToDeg (fixed...