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Mar 24, 2012 vcazan Release
AllAboard: Automatically Board Carts Version: v0.4 Description Getting inside a cart can sometimes be difficult. Right clicking on a cart works, but if the cart is moving it might be hard to catch up and right click on it. With this plugin there is no more need to right-click on carts to get in. Simply stand in front of a moving cart, or walk towards it and you will automaticlly be placed inside the cart. When you want to get out, right click on the cart and it will be removed. Video Features...


Mar 17, 2012 vcazan Release
Developer Update: I am a student and have exams at the moment. My plugins have not been abandoned and I will pick them up in July and make them more awesome than ever with the 3 months off that I will have. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. BoatLaunch Launch Boats With A Dispenser Version: v0.2 Description Dont you just hate it when you find a large body of water but realize you have no boat to keep going? You could take the risk and swim it, but you might run across some unfriendly...


Feb 19, 2012 vcazan Release
CartDispense - Dispense Carts On Rails Automatically Version: v0.10 Description Dont you just hate it when you find a train track that you want to ride and you dont have any minecarts to ride it. You could build one from iron or you could spawn one if you are an admin. Not anymore! With this plugin there is no need for making or spawning minecarts, simply press the button and a minecart will be spawned on the track automatically! Updated to work with powered-rails and detector-rails! Video...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found