Auto Questing Tools

Oct 17, 2016 tiagofmcosta Release
The main focus of this addon is to help you fly through questing. Features Auto Quest Accept: If you're below 110 it accepts all available quests that award experience, otherwise it accepts all quests. This is mainly because when you're leveling the only quests that matter are the ones that help you reach 110. And after 110 all quests still give reputation, so they are worth doing; Auto Quest Complete: If the quest you're about to deliver has several rewards and you must choose one if you...

Update Equipment Set

Sep 01, 2016 tiagofmcosta Release
This addon allows you to keep track and save changes to your current Equipment Set without the need to open the Equipment Manager. I don't know about you, but for me, while levelling alts and gearing up on Dungeons/Raid it's a pain to always keep multiple Equipment Sets updated. Most of my characters are Healer/Tank or Healer/DPS, and I need to keep at least 2 Sets. And what you usually need to do to update a Set is: Go to Character Info; Equipment Manager; Select the Set you want to update;...

Auto Busy

Aug 12, 2016 tiagofmcosta Release
As the title suggests this simple addon does only one thing, every time you logon you'll be automatically flagged as Busy. And if you become AFK for any reason, it'll restore your Busy status immediately. I did this just so I don't have to answer every whisper that comes my way. If you find it useful for you, then, by all means, use it and abuse it ;) Any problem, just fill out a ticket and I'll try to fix the issue asap.