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Jan 30, 2014 th3controller Release
Description FightTag, a simpler way to control PVP. It allows the server to tag players so they don't cheat while in PvP. Very similar to CombatTag. Features Java 7 required Lightweight Configurable messages Tags players and has a configurable time for being tagged Prevents: ender pearls, command usage, no player logging, and removes invisibility Suggestion? Permission nodes PermissionDetails fighttag.enderpearl.bypassAllows a user to use ender pearls while in combat Source


Jan 27, 2014 th3controller Release
Description A sign and pressure plate based teleportation method. Features Java 7 required Lightweight Signs are the database! User friendly and easy to use Multi-world support Suggestion? How to use Type the command /tpsign create. This will register your location as the destination. Place a sign and write on the first line [ tpsign ]. Place a block on top of the sign, then place a pressure plate on the top of the block (wood/stone). Permission nodes PermissionDetails tpsign.createAllows a...
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Oct 22, 2013 Dark_Balor Release
Website : Wiki : BugTracker : GitHub : Description AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated...
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Jun 03, 2013 gyroninja Beta
Sewers Recomended Build: v0.5 Latest Version: v0.5 Built For: BB 2771 Compatibility: RB 2771 What is Sewers? Sewers is a standalone generator that does not depend on other plugins for it to work. It simply generates "Sewers" on newly created chunk, meaning that you don't have to delete your precious world. If want a Sewer below a specific area, for say a city, you can simply input a command and Sewers does its magic! Sewers is still in its beta phase so expect a lot of improvements (including...


May 20, 2013 th3controller Release
Description BlockControl is a block management plugin and is a fully configurable plugin to manage blocks. This was also a re-creation of Anti-Bedrock which formerly controlled bedrock. BlockControl also introduces helpful features such as preventing dragon egg teleportation and pickup control. Suggestions are openly accepted and may be implemented. Features Java 7 required Multi-World support A completely flexible configuration file Completely disable a world from being built on Control...


Apr 16, 2013 th3controller Release
Description Tired of people ninja stealing your item drops when your trying to establish a trade between you and your friend? Maybe you just want to give your friend something when your far away. SecureTrade makes those problems disappear! Features Java 7 required No configuration Trade items from long distances Supports permissions Suggestion? Installation Drop it in the plugins folder Start/restart server Commands CommandDetails /st allowAccepts a request to trade /st denyDenies a request...


Feb 23, 2013 th3controller Alpha
ShopSign Logo Goes Here! Description ShopSign is a new alternative to other shop plugins. It's designed to be lightweight and simplicity in mind. You can almost say that this is a alternative version of ChestShop, however the two plugins differentiate under the hood. The plugin is currently under development. Features Lightweight and simple Designed to be minimal Sign Layout First Line: Still under development (You can leave it empty) Second Line: Amount of items you want to buy/sell Third...

Gotta Egg Them All

Feb 06, 2013 th3controller Release
Description Gotta Egg Them All or GETA, is a plugin that allows you to catch mobs with a stick and turn them into spawn eggs! Very simple to use with permission based control. Usage Must have the correct permission to egg a mob Obtain the item "stick" Scour for a mob Right click the mob with the stick in hand Spawn egg spawns in the inventory Commands /geta - Displays the version your currently using Permissions To-Do Add a configuration file for which item to use when catching a mob Add a...
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Dec 18, 2012 th3controller Release
Anti-Bedrock ATTENTION! THIS PLUGIN WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED! USE BlockControl INSTEAD! Description Anti-Bedrock is a block management plugin. The name might be confusing but this plugin has evolved to a more flexible state where server admins can control which blocks players can or cannot place or destroy. It features a simple configuration, you can simply add any block you would like. Features Compiled in Java 7 Environment! You need to have Java 7 in order to run this plugin! Permissions...


Jul 09, 2012 th3controller Release
Hello, Controller here again bringing you a simple innovation to suppress TNT scattering and a chance to reduce lag while using TNT(in huge numbers). This plugin totally takes control over the TNT entity and it will affect TNT cannons rendering them unusable. This is a new method to handle TNT explosions so use it or not use it as you wish. This will also suppress but not completely stop TNT scattering and it does reduce lag and stress on the server whenever blowing up things. It also...
  • 10 bukkit plugins found