Oct 19, 2016 suicidalkatt Release
Replaces the "two click" merchant filter drop down menu with "one click" buttons. Simply install, no configuration needed. Check out my similar addon GuildRosterButtons!


Oct 19, 2016 suicidalkatt Release
Replaces the "two click" guild roster drop down menu with "one click" buttons. Set your buttons to either just text or simple icon buttons with the following slash commands: grb text - - Text buttons. grb icon - - Icon buttons (default). Check out my similar addon MerchantFilterButtons!
Threat Plates in Action

Tidy Plates: Threat Plates

Oct 14, 2016 suicidalkatt Release
Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Version 8.2 Comments & Tickets About: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates (TPTP for short) is a theme for use with Tidy Plates with patch 5.0.4 or later WoW client. It offers a high amount of customization and tweaks to how your nameplates react and look. It also offers some unique features that are not available with any other nameplate addon. I've spent a considerable amount of time improving this addon and any comments or concerns about this addon are appreciated. I'm...
Character, Character Flyout, Bank and Bags


Dec 31, 2015 suicidalkatt Release
!SyLevel Is a lightweight addon which displays item level text on your item slots. It offers support for addon authors wanting to include functionality in their addons. Features: Customizable display locations (listed below) Customizable filter to limit display on item levels below a level you set. Chose from one of four possible coloring options. Embedded LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 to ensure accurate item levels are displayed. Expandable to your addon (aimed at addon authors if you are one)....


Dec 12, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
QuickQuestItem an addon which will create a global macro that will automatically place 'use' quest items into itself when you mouseover or target a quest mob that requires that item, reducing your bag searching time and quest log tracking. Simply open your macros menu and look for the QQI_MACRO in your global macros and place on your bars. New Features! '/qqi' 'add' 'itemname, itemlink or itemid' - Adds and item to the addon's ignore list. '/qqi' 'remove' 'itemname, itemlink or itemid'...


Oct 26, 2014 suicidalkatt Release a 'simple' addon that allows some UI features to be made more easily accessible with keybinds and slash commands. All of these features are able to be keybound in the keybinds interface. Current features: Combat Log - '/cl' 'on', 'off' or 'auto'. Dual Spec - '/ds'. Also, SPELL LEARNED text is hidden. Dungeon Difficulty- '/n5', '/h5', '/n10', '/h10', '/n25', or '/h25', '/chal', '/myth' (normal 5, heroic 5, normal 10, heroic 10, etc...). Dungeon Teleport - '/dgt' or '/dungeontele'....


Oct 20, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
GridStatusFastHealth is a status module that allows you to set the refresh rate of the health bars on grid.


Oct 20, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
Simply CTRL click on a quest in your quest log to abandon it, or ALT click to share a quest. No options, just install and you're finished!


Oct 20, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
!SimplePowerBar Is a lightweight addon designed to replace the default Blizzard Alternate Power Bar. It will automatically show or hide when needed. Features: Use the clean SimplePowerBar or enable the default Blizzard frame if you so desire. Customizable placement and sizing. Drag and drop placement or exact. Horizontal or vertical statusbar orientation. Customizable coloring for everything as well as optional color fading or class coloring. Additional text options for labeling and...

Masque: Clean Icons

Oct 18, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
Masque: Clean Icons This custom masque skin is intended to be used in tandem with my 'Clean Icon' packages allowing you to view the default Clean Icons on any masque supported addon. Set your preferences to your liking and truely enjoy your Clean Icons! There are 2 skins included: Clean Icons - Square (For square style packages) and Clean Icons - Original. Icon Packages Clean Icons - Crisp Clean Icons - Cold Clean Icons - Original Clean Icons - Square Clean Icons - Thin

Masque: Diablo III

Oct 18, 2014 suicidalkatt Release
Clean and crisp blizzard quality Masque Diablo III skin. Textures taken from the official D3 talent calculator page: In-game quality is much higher.


Mar 20, 2010 suicidalkatt Release
Just a simple addon that allows you to perform a ready check with the slash command '/rc'. You will receive an error message when unable to do so. Some localizations are not complete, however will not effect the AddOn.