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May 29, 2015 storm345 Release
uCars To Spigot 1.8 users: To run this plugin with Spigot 1.8 you will need the latest version of uCars and the latest version of Spigotmc's updated Protocollib. The 1.8 compatible ProtocolLib can be downloaded from (courtesy of )! Summary uCars is a bukkit car plugin with lots of optional, awesome extra features. For more info on this plugin, read about the plugin below! uCars is cars in minecraft. It is made by the stormdev team....

Chat Translator

May 24, 2015 storm345 Release
Chat Translator Chat Translator About This plugin simply translates the chat between languages so any player can understand what any other player says. How it works The player sets their language, or it is set to the default language (set in the config) or detected automatically. This is then used by the plugin to use the Yandex translation API to translate the chat. Requirements You will need: A FREE api key from Optional, an SQL server to use...

Mario Kart

Apr 14, 2015 storm345 Release
Mario Kart |Start-up Guide|Signs| About This bukkit plugin allows for Mario Kart in minecraft. The cars are minecarts that were placed down on any non-rail block and can be driven along the setup racetracks and use mario kart powerups. Features Drive cars Race cars around tracks Setup race tracks for your players to race around with commands Use mariokart powerups Powerups NameIconDescription BananaKarts that run over Bananas will spin out. Green shellTravels in a straight line and knocks...


Apr 07, 2015 storm345 Release
To Spigot 1.8 users: To run this plugin with Spigot 1.8 you will need the latest version of uPlanes and the latest version of Spigotmc's updated Protocollib. The 1.8 compatible ProtocolLib can be downloaded from (courtesy of )! About uPlanes is a plugin which adds smooth, fly-able planes to Minecraft. It works by taking control of Minecart entities and letting you control them! Flying a Plane Crafting Planes are crafted using the...
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Mar 30, 2015 storm345 Release
About uCarsTrade is a survival-orientated add-on to the popular car plugin uCars. uCarsTrade adds features such as car stats, trading, garages and more. Features Car Stats Trading Garages Car trading auction Economy Support Anti-Dupe protection on Cars Upgrade your car Shops NPC cars (Steal-able) Commands & Permissions CommandUsageAliasesPermissionDescription /uCarsTrade/uCarsTrade [Give Random]/[Give <Speed> <Health> <Name>]/car, /ut, /carTradeuCarsTrade.adminSpawns in a car that meets the...

Network Server Manager

Apr 11, 2014 storm345 Release
Network Server Manager Network Server Manager About Network Server Manager is a plugin which allows you to connect all your servers on your network together, it allows you to execute commands between them, view server performances (TPS, etc), automatically cap a server's player limit when they start to lag, restart servers when they crash and much more. The service can be accessed in game via a menu and online too. For it to work you need to install SMCore on your servers, and SMHost on your...


Feb 18, 2014 storm345 Release
From the author of ucars... Description Race cars around racetracks with your friends in an F1/Nascar/Circuit style way! If you prefer Mario Kart game-play then click here. This plugin is an addition to UCars and is a system for F1/Nascar/Circuit style racing with. The system allows you to create racetracks that can be raced upon in an automated way. Efficient and Sleek! Features: Automated race queues! Full race handling and win detection! Stops players cheating! Fully automated!...

Ultimate Plugin Updater

Jan 29, 2014 storm345 Release
Ultimate Plugin Updater This automatically keeps all your plugins up-to-date with no hassle. Simply install this, forget about it and enjoy always the latest versions of your plugins! Donate Donations are much appreciated! Features Automatically keeps installed plugins up-to-date Can automatically install plugins from in-game Unzips 'zips' if necessary Unregister plugins from the updater Register Bukkit plugins with abnormal Bukkit-page names to the updater Automatic Bukkit page and plugin...
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Apr 12, 2013 storm345 Mature
Useful Plugin: NEWS: uConnect is out! Uconnect is an interserver utilities tool allowing for messaging, profiles and more! The Useful plugin is an all-in-one command plugin which contains many amazing commands for server administration, normal players, fun commands etc. These commands vary a lot but are all very good addons for all servers! If you have any ideas, need help or anything like that check out the forum! Links Commands, Features & Permissions Configuration Signs Ranks Custom...
  • 9 bukkit plugins found