Jul 23, 2011 starlon Alpha
I've changed this repository to git:// LibScriptable is an library providing lower-level UI configurations. Widgets: The basics of creating widgets requires you to supply a "core" or some table that's common across a collection of other widgets. This core object populates the environment with all plugins and their functions and fields. Widgets exist to process a script's return values and store the results internally. Some widgets may execute a callback...


Sep 16, 2012 starlon Beta
RotLatency discovers how fast you respond to cooldown expiration.


Dec 06, 2011 starlon Beta
Provided: Library.ColorChooser.CreateWidget(frame, handler, pixel, colorsafe, saturation) The widget will be placed at the top-left corner of the user provided frame. The 'handler' is called, passing red, green, and blue as return values. Use 'pixel' to control how large each color block is. Default is 5 pixels. Use 'colorsafe' to indicate whether to offer colorsafe colors only or not. Use 'saturation' to adjust the saturation.


Oct 24, 2011 starlon Beta
This is a minimalist addon framework, which provides saved variable profiles, addon submodules, and debug printing utilities. Basic usage for creating an addon: StarTip = Dongle:New("StarTip") For creating basic saved variables. local defaults = { profile = { mouse = true, x = 10, y = 10 } } StarTip_SavedVariables = StarTip_SavedVariables or {} StarTip.config = StarTip:InitializeDB(StarTip_SavedVariables, defaults) StarTip.config = StarTip.config.profile


Sep 10, 2011 starlon Beta
NOTE that this project has no files. Please pull directly from the git repository for now. Also note: LSR-1.0 is very modular in design. Each element, from widgets, to plugins, to LCD elements, they're all individual addons and can be installed next to each other. Keep in mind that some elements require other elements, such as WidgetText's need for UtilsBuffer, et al. ---- LibScriptable is an OOP library that provides various means to make an addon's display lower-level configurable, from...


Jul 25, 2011 starlon Planning
LCD4WoW is inspired by and designed after LCD4Linux, a liquid crystal display controller for Linux. This addon provides the user all the power and tools to create custom displays using raw Lua code or else DogTags. You have the option to create custom DataBroker plugins to control aspects of your display.


Sep 24, 2012 starlon Release
StarTip-Rift : Tooltips from the Outer Rift. StarTip-Rift is is a tooltip addon. It only tries to reproduce the unit tooltip. You can customize by installing a new profile addon that you or someone else writes. Examples exist within the StarTip directory: StarTipDefault and StarTipNatural. You can copy/paste the entire folder to your Addons folder to get started. You'll have to give it a name though, let's say HopeBound. Here's an example to give you a feel:...
Blue Cursor


Sep 16, 2012 starlon Release
Cursor does one simple thing; it displays a trail behind your mouse cursor as it moves. Type '/cursor config' to open options dialog.


Nov 28, 2011 starlon Release
This library is implemented based on the design of WoW's UIFlash and UIFade functions. LibFlash implements frame fading and flashing. All durations are in seconds format, so 0.3 is equal to 300 milliseconds. Usage: local LibFlash = LibStub("LIbFlash") local frame = CreateFrame("Frame") -- do things to the frame so it'll display local background = LibFlash:New(frame) background:FadeIn(.3, 0, 1) Methods: LibFlash:New(frame) @argument frame The frame that will have its alpha manipulated. @return...


Aug 06, 2011 starlon Release
local mybar = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, self) mybar.expression = "return random() * 100" mybar.min = "return 0" mybar.max = "return 100" mybar.color1 = "return random(), random(), random(), 1" mybar.length = 100 mybar.height = 15 mybar.direction = WidgetBar.DIR_EAST mybar.update = 200 mybar.texture = cfg.tex mybar:SetPoint("BOTTOM", self.Health, "TOP") mybar:SetMinMaxValues(0, 100) mybar:SetStatusBarTexture(mybar.texture) mybar:SetValue(50) mybar:SetHeight(mybar.height)...


Aug 06, 2011 starlon Release
local fs = self.Health:CreateFontString() fs:SetFontObject(GameTooltipTextSmall) fs:SetPoint("BOTTOM", self.Health, "TOP", 0, 15) fs.value = "return Power(unit)" fs.speed = 100 fs.update = 100 fs.repeating = true fs.align = oUF.ALIGN_PINGPONG fs.cols = 20 -- You provide as many fontstrings as you want. Widgets will be created per each. self.ScriptableText = {fs}