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May 27, 2013 smsunarto Release
Color Guide | A Minecraft Guide Plugin What This Plugin Do ? This plugin allows you to list all of Minecraft available Color Codes, I made this plugin because some of my friend ask for it. Because they are having problems remembering all of the Color Codes, Command /color (List The Color Codes) /colorinfo (The Plugin Info) Permissions color.list (Allow To Use All Color Guide Command) To Do Update The Plugin If Necessary If you guys have any idea what plugin should i make for a guide or...


Jun 17, 2013 smsunarto Release
BuySell - Advertise Your Item What This Plugin Do ? This plugin bassically allows your user to promote their item easily so they do not need to type a long sentences to promote their item Features Colored Text Changable Prefix Command /buy <amount> <item> <price> /sell <amount> <item> <price> /buysellhelp Permissions BuySell.Buy BuySell.Sell BuySell.Help Changelog V 1.0 Created V 1.1 Improve String Fixed Single Argument Bug To Do Add Cooldown Add Economy Buy Me A Cofee Donate to me if you...
shop teleportation


Dec 01, 2013 smsunarto Release
Shop Teleport I am currently still learning java this is my first plugin i have spent three days on this simple code as a bukkit forums user requested URL: . i am happy to say i am finaly finished its not much but its mine thanks for looking. Features /setshop - Set's your shop /shop - Teleport to your/Others shop /delshop - Delete Your Shop Dependancies vault CommandDescriptionUsagePermission setshopSet your...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found