Oct 04, 2014 rv55 Release
Adds new buttons and a working queue to the magic box to create as many mana stones with one mouseclick as you like. Version 2.0 adds new config options. So check them out before using. Note: People are still reporting the new version as buggy. If you don't want to help debug it then revert to version 1.6 and wait until the new version is more stable. Please don't post a message that it doesn't wotk if you aren't going to help. If you will help then post the message and respond when I ask...
Item Queue


Apr 03, 2012 rv55 Mature
This is a very small and simple addon that show the number of items in the Item Queue as they enter your bags. The Item Queue is the little stack that appears in the bottom right of the screen when you are receiving items too fast or your backpack if full. It can usually hold a maximum of 5 or 20 items depending on where they are coming from. Most people will have no use for this but there are some people who use the Item Queue and will find it useful.


Mar 17, 2012 rv55 Beta
I have completely rewritten this addon. The old addon completely duplicated and replaced the original frame. This version just modifies the current frame making it a much smaller addon and easier to maintain. Description This addon adds the 5 hidden Transmutor slots to the Transmutor frame, effectively increasing its storage space to 10 slots. Features When switching between the Random Attribute Extraction and Arcane Transmutor frames, it resizes the frame. If there are items in the...


Sep 12, 2011 rv55 Beta
rv55 has now taken over support for this addon. xmount A mod to simplify mounting/dis-mounting in Runes of Magic (currently supports English and German language versions). It will take the bag slot you select and use it as a mount slot. Any mount you drop into that bag slot will become the mount the mod uses. Released under the Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Setup Create a macro with the following in it /script xmount() then drag that...
AutoCount minimized


Aug 29, 2010 rv55 Mature
Summary AutoCount automatically displays the last few items received, in order as they appear in chat and the number you currently have in your inventory, optionally filtered by item type. Usage To enable/disable AutoCount use slash command: /AutoCount Or use: AddonManager Features: Choose length of list Pin selected items to top of list Custom font color and size Background transparency level Filter by item type. eg Equipment, Quest Items, Mats, etc Ability to have localized versions...