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Jul 15, 2015 number1Master Release
ExplosionCreator ExplosionCreator - Explosions at its most! Configuration | Full Changelog | Source Description: Sometimes creating explosions are difficult. TNT works, but TNT also isn't as customizable as can be. In addition, sometimes explosions don't have enough pizazz. That spicy stuff you find on spicy stuff. The boom boom. Features: Blow up areas just like TNT with commands Blow up an area at random, setting the max radius Bind explosions to tools Explode players. Explode locations....
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Mar 31, 2015 number1Master Mature
THOR Configuration | Full Changelog | Source Thor has powers. So why can't you have those powers? My first published plugin ever grants you the power of Thor. Thor's hammer. Right click to throw Thor's hammer and do damage to entities. Explosions and fireworks when lightning strikes! Abilities ("power ups") if you are on high or low ground. Monsters that attack you if you are on ice Chance of rain when using Thor's Hammer A Thor login and log-out messages Commands to strike you, your friends,...


Jun 22, 2013 number1Master Mature
Slaves Slaves 1.0 - Make players your Slaves >:)! Home | Source | Changelog Description Some players can be pests, some Admins want to be abusive. Slaves allows players to control other players. They can take stuff from their Slaves' inventory, grab things from their Lockette chests, and much more! Features Owner / Slave rankings Owners can teleport slaves to them Owners can take what is in their Slave's Inventory Owners can give their slaves their Inventory Owners can give the item in their...


Feb 08, 2013 number1Master Mature
PrisonControl PrisonControl v.1.0- The Prison Server Manager! Home | Configuration | Permissions | Source | Changelog Description Ever wanted great control over your Minecraft Prison Server? By request from @wdmc85 PrisonControl has been born. PrisonControl, not only allows you to protect your prison cells, but gives you full functionality of a Prison Cell. You, the administrator, can create spawn points, stack them, then enable new players to spawn at your set spawn points. You, the...
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Jan 04, 2013 number1Master Release
TestqUiz TestqUiz v.2.1.6 - Light-weight testing! Home | Tutorial | Configuration | Permissions | Source Hooking into TestqUiz | Changelog | Forum Post Description Tests are good to keep most lazy griefers from griefing your server. The idea is this: Any griefers which are lazy won't bother griefing your server because they have to take a test. This wastes their time. This is what TestqUiz does! TestqUiz allows servers to have tests on them. Wait ... so what is the difference between this and...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found