Oct 26, 2016 kiki Release
Continue of AutoProfitX, bigzero stopped all updates on AutoProfitX, so I will continue the Project. It will automatically sells all your grey and selected white items at the vendor. Also you can sell all weapons and armors your class can't wear. It also support ignore lists.


Oct 25, 2016 kiki Release
KikiUtils main features : Can display the level of your quests Can display both the percent and the numeric values for blizzard default health bars MouseLook : Real DAoC mouse look mode. Key1 switch to and from MouseLook on each press. Hold Key2 to move the camera (when in MouseLook mode). In MouseLook mode, Button1 and Button2 are remapped to MoveForward and MoveBackward. MouseLook mode does NOT break follow mode. Option to hide blizzard minimap clock Random mount keybind: With one key, it...
Cooldowns on Bartender4


Jul 23, 2016 kiki Release
This addon displays a large yellow number (and text for numbers > 60 seconds) on spell icons for action bars, bags, character sheet, and quest icons in the tracker. Font can be modified, and the cut-off for how long a cooldown needs to be in order to display on the button can also be changed. The number begins flashing when time remaining is less than 10 seconds. This is an update for WoW >= 3.3.5 compatibility since 4.0's new API nuked some of the code here. The original addon was created by...

Cooldown Used

Nov 13, 2014 kiki Release
What is Cooldown Used (CDUsed)? It's an addon that monitors many spell casts from your party/raid members (mostly, special spells with long cooldown), like Shield Wall, Rebirth, Guardian Spirit... Everytime such a spell is used by a party/raid member, it's displayed in many ways on your screen (or chat channels). You can choose for each spell category (Aura gained, Aura lost, cooldown used, Interrupt used, ...) many display options such in floating combat text, chat channel (party/raid/custom...