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Jul 20, 2014 adencraft_minecraft Release
BOUNCYSPONGE! Bouncy Sponge was a plugin I am making because I failed to find a "trampoline" plugin that would work for my server. Bugs If there are any bugs please report them by using the "tickets" button to the right ==> What It Does What this plugin does is make sponges launch you up into the air and you won't take fall damage if you land on another sponge or lapis lazuli block. Also holding shift (Sneaking) will prevent the player from being launched Permissions The permission node for...

9 Tails Fox Mode

Jul 28, 2013 kamehameha1 Beta
This Plugin Is Inspired By The Manga And Character Naruto! This plugin plans to add /9tails, /kyuubi, the tailed beast bomb, and the rasen-shuriken to the game. This plugin doesn't have any dependencies and is lightweight on your RAM, and memory. The Commands Are : /9tails To Go Into 9 Tails Fox Mode, And /kyuubi To Go Into 9 Tails Kyuubi Mode. To use the 9 Tails Kyuubi Mode you have to be in 9 tails fox mode first. The Permissions Are: 9tails.use To Use The Commands And Moves Described...


May 20, 2013 kamehameha1 Mature
This Plugin Is A Continuation of libraryaddict's Bankai mod which was abandoned. The original script was created by libraryaddict. This mod is planning to add some new commands to the mod and is going to be updated continuously. This Plugin Will Add /bankai, /hallow And The Getsuga Tenshao To The Game. This plugin doesn't take up that much RAM and if there are any bugs please ticket the plugin. This Plugin Doesn't Have Any Dependencies. Please note using /bankai or /hallow has a chance of...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found