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Lightning SpecialEffects


Mar 19, 2013 CevinWa Release
. General This plugin originates from explosions the first plugin everything that was inside of explosions has been imported into specialeffects. SpecialEffects adds a collection various effects for players,blocks and more to your server. This gives a more fun gameplay. Basically all of your effect needs is inside of this. + a Uniqe Tutrorial Mode and guns Home Website/community: - XenForo Made :) Features Different explosion modes. Different triggers. Redstone...


Jan 12, 2013 CevinWa Release
General Vault have to be installed in order for this to work You could upgrade your blockgroups protection to protect from more types such as interaction pvp block and more This plugin let's you protect chunks with the use of money. everything inside of this plugin is based on economy. Claiming chunks costs and you could sell your blockgroups and Upgrading of protection cost's. This plugin also let's you monitor and control your blockgroups protections and systems. PayBlock can protect from...


Nov 18, 2012 CevinWa Release
Created by: CevinWa - Official TerranovaProductions Coder Planes -This is a part of my other plugin: SpecialEffects plugin that was extracted for thoose that wasen't willing on getting effects too -This plugin lets you fly in Minecarts and boats by simple right click and hold with an item Features Flying with Minecarts Flying With boats Permissions Shooting while flying in Minecart Permissions permissions: Planes.Boat: description: Gives the ability to use flying boats Planes.Minecart:...


Nov 01, 2012 CevinWa Release
General This plugin take away thoose annoying admins or ops that gives op to everybody. It only makes the command /op aviable in the console Features A fix for to get rid of /op abusers. Upcomming Features Idk, Suggest in comments Developer info This plugin is developed by CevinWa of the X12 dev gaming team.


Oct 31, 2012 CevinWa Release
Keep your server dark. Just in time for Halloween! :D Have you ever wanted to have an only night-time server? Well, NoDay is your plugin! Never see the sunshine again. Features Keeps the server constantly night. Configureable Activation command MultiWorld support. Commands /noday true: Activates noday for the world your currently in /noday false: Deactivates noday for the world your currently in /noday true [World]: Activates noday for the specific [World] /noday false [World]: Deactivates...


Feb 23, 2014 joehot200 Beta
AwesomeMobs Ever got bored of killing easy mobs? Did you ever want to make a plugin that would would make them stronger but didn't know how to code in Java? Well AwesomeMobs is for you! About AwesomeMobs This plugin will add potion effects to mobs, Potions can be Invisibility, strength, speed, defense, and regeneration. there are some mobs that have more than one potion effects, for example, mobs with poison and regeneration, or damage and regeneration. This currently just add's fixed potion...
Evil Admin


Jan 01, 2014 joehot200 Release
AntiPvPGamemode Ever hated how your staff members keep killing your players in creative gamemode? Did you ever want to make a plugin that would stop them but didn't know how to code in Java? Well AntiPvPGamemode is for you! About AntiPvPGamemode AntiPvPGamemode instantly changes any player who is in creative gamemode into survival if they tag another player using potions, swords, bow and arrows ect...) Example I am MineHelper, and I am a creative abuser. I hit Joe, and it then instantly...


Aug 14, 2013 joehot200 Beta
Main What is a 'ninja'? the Ninja is a new mob - he is quite rare (10% chance of spawning), and is really tough, is hard to kill, etc. What will he do? Once he targets you, he can: Move really fast. Be very tough to kill. Drop TNT on you. ADDED: TNT WONT DESTROY GROUND. Teleport near or above you when attacked Do 2 hearts of damage with every hit (on full diamond armour!) Drop 10 golden apples on death. What will he look like? He will look like a headless man, wearing dyed leather armour....


Sep 07, 2016 netherfoam Beta
MaxBans 24-03-2015 UUID support. Read changelog for more MaxBans is a project I've been writing for my server, MaxGamer. I struggled to find a banning plugin that wasn't a joke, and the good plugins were all designed for Premium servers anyway. Nothing gave us the tools that SHOULD have been out there - Like temp mutes, temp IP bans, duplicate IP lookups, and good autocompletion! It is thoroughly tested on an Offline-Mode server, so you can bet it's rock solid and feather light! Databases...
  • 9 bukkit plugins found