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ChatAlert Example


Jul 16, 2016 jacklin213 Release
Description ChatAlert v1.5 now supports Essentials nickname tagging. Please make a copy of your config.yml and then delete the original one and let it regenerate with new options ChatAlert v1.4.1 now supports Craftbukkit1.7.9. Please note that the player you tag will be matched with the player who has the same display name. ChatAlert does not support UUID tagging. ChatAlert v1.4 now supports default chatcolor. This new feature is optional but will require Vault . See advanced section for more...
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Apr 18, 2016 np98765 Beta
Harry Potter Spells [v1.1.5] Will only work with Java 8, please upgrade if you do not have Java 8 [v1.1.4] Has full 1.9 support, if any issues arrise please send in a ticket [v1.1.4] Server owners are recommended to rename their current config.yml and let HPS generate a new one before migrating the contents of their current config.yml to their new one Overview HarryPotterSpells is the ultimate Harry Potter plugin. Whether you run a Harry Potter server, want to add magic to an RP server, or...
LinGift logo


Sep 08, 2015 jacklin213 Release
LinGift NOW SUPPORTS VAULT! Updated to CB1.6.2 - Please download LinGift v1.0 and delete your old LinGift config to generate the new one Origin This is a fork from abandoned GiftSend by Nitnelave who gave the plugin to me which was a fork from the abandoned SendGift Description This plugin allows players to send items to each other. But this is different to the /give command, it does not generate the items out (like a cheater does), but takes them from the sender's inventory. You can send...
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Jul 14, 2015 jacklin213 Release
AntiCreativePvp IMPORTANT: In AntiCreativePvp v2.7 for Craftbukkit 1.7.9 we have switched to the new UUID system. How this effects your server is that you need to delete the flymode/godmode data files for the files using the new system to generate. Everything else should work as normal In AntiCreativePvp v2.5 we are using a new configuration system. Please delete your old config and let it regenerate a new one. We have also added data files so please do not edit them unless you know what you...
FarmProtect Icon


May 21, 2015 jacklin213 Release
Note: When updating to v1.7 remember to delete your config file to let it generate the new one FarmProtect Ever tired of People standing on your farmplots , farmland and destroying your wheat, potatoes, carrots? Ever get angry that Full block protection plugins take a while to setup? Well Its your LUCKY day YOU just found FarmProtect Description FarmProtect is a simple light weight plugin which makes sure NOBODY (including your self) makes farmland turn back to normal by either jumping on it...


Apr 20, 2015 jacklin213 Release
Update 20/04/15 - NeedTown v2.7 upgraded to CB/Spigot 1.8.x and has a bug free towny support, It also has a new /needtown users command and a users.yml file. Backup your config.yml, delete it, let it regenerate and copy over ur backup'ed config Plugin is Featured in NeedCombined HERE Description Tired of listening to players on your server constantly asking for a town? This plugin is a super simple fix! It's also VERY light weight! All you need to do is simply type /needtown and it will...


Jul 23, 2014 jacklin213 Release
mcRP Note: Upgrading to mcRP v1.3.1 will fix the error of having your config deleted on every startup General mcRP is a plugin that aims to create an RPG feel on minecraft servers. It comes bundled with pre-packaged skills, damage effects and more! Purpose mcMMO and similar plugins are "monolithic". This makes them hard to use with other plugins which affect gameplay as conflicts can occur and in many instances it can open up holes for cheaters. This plugin intends to be as lightweight as...


Jul 05, 2014 jacklin213 Release
NoVines: Description: NoVines or AntiVines is a plugin like the names suggests Stops Vines from growing as well as Stopping people putting Vines Down It is a light weight plugin and is setup by drag and drop Permissions If admins ever want to place vines, the permission node is: novines.bypass To-Do: Add an anti permission node for admins to be able to place vines (Done v1.2) How to help: If there is anything which you want me to add feel free to comment bellow. Donate to us (After all this...


Jun 21, 2014 jacklin213 Release
PlayerWipe Description: A plugin request made by x2dot HERE PlayerWipe a light weight inventory clear/spawn plugin.This plugin wipes out a players inventory and teleports them back to spawn on login. Requires no permission or commands. Works with craftbukkit 1.7.9 R0.2 Advanced Alternative Spawn Please check permissions bellow before doing anything Instead of altering the spawn point of your current world you can have it so you can set an alternative world. To do this follow these steps...


Feb 27, 2014 jacklin213 Release
Wallets Description Wallets is a plugin request from @chilbree from HERE. Wallets allows players to store item in their "wallets". Items they are allowed to store are configurable, Items saved will keep all their Lore, Enchantments, PotionEffects. The amount of slots a wallet contains is also configurable. You can also Toggle the wallet to drop on death. Wallets can also be given to people so they are kind of like "Gifting" (Offline gifting supported). Commands...


Nov 02, 2013 jacklin213 Release
LinFood LinFood v1.1 now uses LinCore as a dependency, LinFood will not run without LinCore, see Setup for more details Description When your giving people permissions to use the /give command for reasons like spawning food, you can't make sure that they aren't spawning anything else. Well LinFood is the plugin you want. This is my Second plugin ever made. First of the LinPlugin series. This plugin aims to be a lightweight give plugin for food. Instead of giving users the permission to use...


Nov 02, 2013 jacklin213 Release
LinCore Description LinCore is the core plugin for the LinPlugin suite. In the near future all LinPlugin suite plugins and some other plugins will fully depend on this plugin for its main functions. Reason being, a lot of the LinPlugin suite uses the same classes, which makes files bigger than they should be. Functions LinCore functions include: Reducing file sizes of dependent plugins Message handling Config API UpdateCheck/AutoUpdate check handling Any LinPlugin suite which is linked to...


Nov 01, 2013 jacklin213 Release
NeedCombined Description: Ever tired of looking for plugins which have /needfaction or /needtown or /needgroups or /needclan , Not satisfied with the current /need plugins out there? Can't customize messages or cooldowns or aliases? Well the Ultimate NeedCombined is here with 7 preloaded /need 's and also a extra Fully Custom /myneed Throw away all those old /need plugins and get the Ultimate NeedCombined Now !!!!! Features NeedCombined "need" features Need: City Clan Faction Group Nation...


Oct 18, 2013 jacklin213 Release
QuickBar+ Note: When downloading QuickBar v1.4 delete your old config and let it generate a new one. This is due to the new AutoUpdate feature Description Ever tired of having to look into your inventory because your quickbar is full? Well today is your lucky day, Introducing the plugin 'QuickBar+' You now will never have to worry about dying while opening your inventory. QuickBar+ is a simple light weight drag and drop plugin allowing you to store up to 32 items(All your inventory counts as...


Oct 17, 2013 jacklin213 Release
LinChat Ever tired of trying to find a simple to understand chat plugin, Frustrated about the complex and hard to understand configuration. Every wonder why your chat isn't formatted the way you want it. Well Its your LUCKY day YOU just found LinChat Description Note: LinChat is NOT a permissions plugin LinChat is a simple light weight plugin which needs barely any setting up and be ready to use. The total amount of setup time is round about 5 minutes. LinChat uses a easy to understand config...


Jun 30, 2013 JOPHESTUS Release
CartWarp Description: When anyone gets out of a minecart they are warped to a preset location. Useful for races and other minecart related activities, helps to deter getting out of the minecart! Features: Set custom spawn location When someone gets out of a minecart they are warped there Bypassing abilities Toggle on and off Commands: cartwarpsetspawn/cwsetspawn - Set the location to warp to cwon - Enable plugin cwoff - disable plugin Permissions: cartwarp.setspawn: Allows use of setspawn...
Sushi Fish


May 31, 2013 Omnitv Release
Sushi OVER 300 DOWNLOADS KEEP IT GOING ^o^ YAY Sushi Supports 1.3.1 and all permission plugins. DONT BE ALARMED the reason why sushi went from version 1.5 to 1.2.4 is that 1.5 was a alpha version, 1.2.4 is now a RELEASE Feature The sushi plugin allows player to give themselves 349 (Raw fish) with the command *Below* They can use this to tame cats or for food. who does not like cats? :3 There is a Simple configuration which allows you to set how many fish you receive when you type /sushi How...


Mar 19, 2013 jacklin213 Release
SimpleStaffList Description: A plugin requested by @landstreet HERE A simple lightweight plugin which allows members(with the permission) to see the number of staff online and who they are. This could be very useful for people who don't know who to ask for help, they can do /stafflist and ask the "staff" to help them No more "Who is staff" or "Omg i need helppp" Messages filling up the chat This plugin allows you to add player to a list called StaffList and with one single command it will...
JOPHPromote logo


Sep 05, 2012 JOPHESTUS Release
ADDED VAULT SUPPORT, Please delete config and let it regen Please note the change in permissions & Vault dependency What it does JOPHPromote is a simple plugin that will rank players to a specified group when they say the "rankup phrase". The rankup phrase is fully customisable via the config.yml file. You NEED Vault for this plugin to function Commands /jophpromote - Lists plugin info /jophpromote reload - Reloads the plugin config /help jophpromte - Shows the help page Features Ranks...
Mop banner


Jul 15, 2012 Omnitv Release
The Mop Plugin Basic Description: This plugin allows users and/or Admins of the server to clean or clear up entities or entity space. This is useful when you destroy a chest and gunk comes out and you want to clear it. Full Description: The mop plugin allows server admins and users to clear out entities on the ground (or dropped items). Of where the player is standing in, the range is from 0-10 blocks radius of a disc, (much like VoxelSniper disc brush) While admins can have an extended range...
  • 20 bukkit plugins found