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Aug 20, 2014 xDrapor Mature
Announcement: Version 1.3.1 is not compatible with current spigot versions! A workaround is being worked on. - Posted on (10.10.2014) by DJ Addi Kick, ban, IP-ban or range-ban players Temporarily ban or IP-ban players Automatically punish players that are blacklisted by DNSBL services Warn players and execute commands after a certain amount of warnings Get notified when two players with the same IP adress join or compare IPs manually per command Lock IPs to a single name Recieve a list of all...


Oct 18, 2011 iceDave77 Beta
New side for this plugin Updated Version Its a much newer Version with lots of changes ( not done by me, i passed this plugin over to very smart guys (xDrapor and Djaddi) they know what they doing) IceBanIP Version : v1.0 Easy to use plugin to find and ban IP's from onlineplayer. Only copy the IceBanIP.jar into your pluginfolder... thats it This is my first plugin what i done, so if there is anything what you suggest i should do, if you find bugs or wrong spelling, please let me know.....
  • 2 bukkit plugins found