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Sep 19, 2016 gomeow Release
Chester Chester is a chat-bot that can be added to your server. Players can chat to him and from what us, the developers, have found, the responses can be hilarious! Features Logs all messages by players. When Chester is mentioned, he replies with one of his saved messages. Works in any language (except in the beginning, where he stores 3 English sentences) Usage Just chat like normal, and say 'Chester' when you want him to respond Commands None Permissions Negate chester.trigger to stop...


Sep 02, 2016 hawkfalcon Release
Have you ever wanted to make a cool tutorial for players that doesn't use boring signs? Now you can make one! Description NOW 1.10 COMPATIBLE This is the ultimate tutorial plugin for Bukkit. It allows easy creation of 'views' which the player sees after typing /tutorial. Features Easy tutorial creation Unlimited tutorials, unlimited scenes per tutorial Two types of tutorials (CLICK/TIME) Three types of views (TEXT/TITLE/ACTIONBAR) Show a player a tutorial when they first join your server 100%...
EchoPet Title


May 22, 2015 DSH105 Release
Important information on this project in light of recent events. Quote from DSH105:The forums have now been enabled and can be accessed via the navigation bar. More importantly, I'm interested in your input towards the new pet attacking AI to be implemented in EchoPet v3. If EchoPet is not loading on your Spigot 1.8 build and your server is outputting "Skipping loading of EchoPet as it does not work with Spigot 1.8 builds!", please try running a later Spigot patch. I can't do anything about...


Mar 10, 2015 hawkfalcon Release
ThrowableSpawnEggs Throw spawn eggs instead of just clicking with them! Version: v2.6 Now, instead of awkwardly clicking blocks with spawn eggs, you can now seamlessly toss them in the air! TSE also removes a small bug where two mobs couldn't be spawned in the same spot at the same time. Lightweight and efficient, TSE is a must-have for any server that uses spawn eggs! Video: Requirements: None Commands: None Permissions: tse.use - allows player/group to throw eggs (default everyone, negate...


Apr 25, 2014 DSH105 Release
An advanced and powerful holographic display plugin Now with TouchScreen Holograms! Features With the discovery of new hologram technology (as seen in the video below), HoloAPI is designed to bring you a seamless experience in holographic display creation through the powerful command base and API. Providing advanced Hologram Technology for your Bukkit server, HoloAPI has the following features (and more!): Easily manage your own holographic displays Create Holographic displays with images,...

DeathSwap Core

Jan 22, 2014 hawkfalcon Release
Quote from SethBling:DeathSwap is a PvP minigame that pits you against an opponent in survival Minecraft. After random intervals, you and your opponent will swap positions. Whoever dies first loses. Fully automatic DeathSwap games Multiple games at once Customizable time between swaps Lobby based or play with friends Automatically creates game when 2 people join lobby Random spawn location for each player Make a join sign (pic) commandpermissiondescription /ds joindeathswap.joinJoin the...


Jun 30, 2013 JOPHESTUS Release
CartWarp Description: When anyone gets out of a minecart they are warped to a preset location. Useful for races and other minecart related activities, helps to deter getting out of the minecart! Features: Set custom spawn location When someone gets out of a minecart they are warped there Bypassing abilities Toggle on and off Commands: cartwarpsetspawn/cwsetspawn - Set the location to warp to cwon - Enable plugin cwoff - disable plugin Permissions: cartwarp.setspawn: Allows use of setspawn...


May 29, 2013 Icynene Release
Create fires like you never could before! FieryInferno fire spread much faster than default, similar to pre 1.6b MineCraft fire mechanics. It also doesn't go out after a certain radius from the origin. Great for any pyromaniacs! Features: Makes fire spread faster and larger Customizable spreading speed Emulates pre - 1.6b MineCraft fire Multiworld support Fire only spreads to flammable blocks A naturally occurring event called a "wildfire" A /wildfire command 101% configurable Configurable...


May 18, 2013 hawkfalcon Beta
Scroll Have you ever wanted a plugin that allows for above-head chatting like in games such as RuneScape, Zelda, or Graal? Scroll allows you to do just that! Description Places all chat above the players head and scrolls it. Features Scrolling chat above head Three modes (detailed below) Chat in tab, too Still logs chat to server log. Modes modedescription allshows normal chat to all players selfshows normal chat self nonedoesn't show normal chat Comments/Requests/Bugs? Leave a comment or...


Apr 06, 2013 Porterk Release
EndlessFlow Have you ever wanted to have water and lava that would flow forever? Now you can! Make an ocean out of nothing! Check out the FAQ ! Description: Makes water and lava flow forever flat or downhill! Installation: Just put the jar in your plugins folder and RESTART(not reload) the server! Then whenever you place more water or lava, it will flow forever! Commands: /ef water - toggle water on/off /ef lava - toggle lava on/off Permissions: endlessflow.* - Use any /ef command Note: Be...


Apr 05, 2013 hawkfalcon Release
Vertigo Description: SINCE 1.5 IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO FLIP THE WORLD. It now makes crazy screen effects. Thanks to WoopaGaming! (OLD VIDEO) Commands: /vertigo - crazy screen /vertigo stop <player> - makes screen normal, player is optional /vertigo player <player> - makes other people crazy screen /vertigo all - crazy screen for everyone /vertigo stopall - makes screen normal for everyone Permissions: vertigo.use - Allows you to use the /vertigo commands vertigo.others - Allows you to use...


Mar 18, 2013 gomeow Release
Updates have been put on hold until v2.0 is released. Note: v2.0, due to a complete rewrite, will lose some features, which will be re-added soon after. Have you ever wanted to play tag in Minecraft? Now you can! Description: A simple to use plugin that lets you play tag in Minecraft! v1.0 has had major changes! BE SURE TO DELETE THE MCTAG FOLDER BEFORE UPDATING How to use: Install the plugin then run the command /tag. While a game of tag is on, hit players to tag them. Commands: /tag start -...


Mar 18, 2013 hawkfalcon Release
Description: Ever got tired of people talking about buckets when they should have been talking about bukkit? Now you can fix that! BukkitNotBucket makes it so nobody can ever say the blasphemous word bucket again! It's that simple! Note: It replaces bucket with bukkit whenever anyone says it. Permissions: None. Commands: None. Feedback: Leave comments below.


Aug 17, 2012 TheSmallBones Release
InfiniteCake Have you ever wanted to have an infinite cake? Now you can! Description: Lets you make cake infinite! When the last slice is eaten the cake *magically* regenerates! Permissions: infinitecake.use - makes cakes infinite for you Todo: None right now! Bugs: None right now! Changelog: v0.1- Created InfiniteCake Suggestions are welcome!


Aug 11, 2012 hawkfalcon Release
MelonSFG Curing World Hunger, One Seed At A Time! What is "MelonSFG"? MelonSFG does what it says on the tin, no trademark infringement intended: It allows Melon Seeds to be dropped by tall grass. You can adjust the chance of it dropping and how much it drops in the configuration file, but aside from that we have tried to keep it simple. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below! Permissions This plugin has one permission only, due to the incredibly simple purpose: MelonSFG.use -...
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