Sep 23, 2016 gabestah Release
kLootFilter Allows simple loot filtering, preventing specified items from being looted. Features Specify filtered items in a simple drag and drop interface. Filtered items can be used as a blacklist (default), where all other items except those that are filtered are looted. Alternatively, filtered items can be used as a whitelist, in which all items that are not filtered are ignored. Dramatically speeds up looting compared to standard built-in Auto Loot speed. Optionally output a message when...


Sep 23, 2016 gabestah Release
kLib-1.0 A small library of utility functions, primarily used for the k-series of addons by Kulldam. Installation Place the kLib directory in your addon libs directory, as with any library. Include the appropriate kLib*.xml files, based on which modules you wish to use, in your embeds.xml or directly in your .toc file, like so: <Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="


Sep 19, 2016 gabestah Release
kSwap Broker-based World of Warcraft addon that allows the user to easily swap between Specializations while simultaneously swapping to an Equipment Set with the same name. Features One-click specialization swap via broker popout. (Optional) Simultaneous equipment set swap immediately after specialization swap. Installation Unzip the archive and extract the kSwap directory in <World of Warcraft Directory>\Interface\AddOns\, such that the final installation path is: <World of...


Jul 31, 2015 gabestah Release
Overview kEPGP is an assistance addon for managing Effort Point rewards using the common EPGP loot and attendance system. Functionality /kepgp (or /kep for short) will display the slash commands. /kep config opens the configuration where Effort Points contains a few basic settings. Most of them should default to the standard settings (of my own guild, Vox Immortalis of Hyjal-US), but one setting worth noting is Punctual Cutoff Seconds which by default gives players a 15 second window after...


Jun 28, 2015 gabestah Release
Helper functions for advanced WeakAura creation.


Jun 08, 2015 gabestah Release
Tracks and displays background addon communication data for analytics.
Sha of Fear Assist


Mar 07, 2015 Maat Release
A graphical assistance to the dance during Dread Spray at the Sha of Fear encounter in Terrace of Endless Spring. Additional configurations have been added (version 1.2 and upwards) and are accessible via the interface menu or with the "/sha config" slash command. Options: Display style: spinning / fixed (like the minimap) Pattern: Pattern used for suggesting safe zones Color my pie Full color (Fully color pies predicting dread spray on pies 3 dread sprays ahead) Scaleble arrow for displaying...


Oct 14, 2014 gabestah Release
kMacro is a simple addon to allow automated macro replacements based on specialization and talent selection. All documentation, technical support, bug reports, and questions should be directed to the following thread:


Sep 07, 2012 gabestah Alpha
Create custom alerts for unique boss encounter events.