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Movable Holy Power

Oct 02, 2016 eviloz Release
This addon helps you track your holy power, moving (and improving) the graphics. can move the entire thing and also scale it globally


Oct 18, 2014 eviloz Release
Auto Plates is an addon which is designed to automatically switch on NamePlates when entering combat, and automatically switching them off when combat has been dropped. It is capable of delayed auto off ( such as waiting 30 seconds after leaving combat to hide plates) up to 3000 seconds, with a minimum of 1 second. It currently contains five modes. 1, Always toggle nameplates 2, Toggle, but in instances always show nameplates 3, Toggle, but leave manual control in instances 4, Always off 5,...


Oct 18, 2014 eviloz Release
Simple addon for protection paladins Main goal is quick sacred shield and weakened blows tracking Addon provides 2 groups of icons, on left and right side of the screen Left side is combat oriented with an icon that pops up when sacred shield is needed and another that shows when we have to slam the hammer to refresh weakened blows Right side is combat buff area, which reminds us if we miss a seal (any), if we have fury and if we should use bok or bom WARNIN: ADDON PRESUMES YOU ALWAYS PREFER...