The Main Window


Jul 25, 2016 AtliThor Release
A simple AddOn that provides details about your levelling progress, tracking a variety of items required until you reach your next level. Tracks the following: Mob kills and Quests. Dungeon runs. Battleground runs, as well as individual BG objectives. Gathering professions, including Archaeology. Pet Battles. Display Options A small, configurable window, showing averages needed to level, a mini XP bar, and a time-to-level estimate. A "floating" message and/or a chat message can be shown when...
Active Metagem


Nov 18, 2014 brandorf Release
Integration with the character sheet's new stat panels is planned for a future release. About GemWatch: GemWatch was originally and addon that I first discovered in BC. It would put a little frame next to your resistances showing you the total count of what color gems you have equipped. It was nice for figuring out what you needed to activate a meta gem. Unfortunately it was never updated for WotLK. Until today! *fanfare* The addon has been almost completely rewritten to take advantage of the...


Oct 03, 2016 eridius Release
LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 provides information about item upgrades applied to items. Functions :GetUpgradeID(itemString) Arguments itemString String - An itemLink or itemString denoting the item Returns upgradeID Number - The upgrade ID (possibly 0), or nil if the input is invalid or does not contain upgrade info :GetCurrentUpgrade(id) Returns the current upgrade level of the item, e.g. 1 for a 1/2 item. Arguments id Number - The upgrade ID of the item (obtained via GetUpgradeID()) Returns...
Names in bags


Sep 15, 2016 eridius Release
EquipSee enhances the built-in Equipment Manager in several ways. In your bags and in the bank, displays items with the names of the equipment sets to which they belong, overlayed on top of the item. Displays item levels in the character frame whenever the Equipment Manager flyout is selected Provides visual feedback in the character frame as you click on different equipment sets, showing which of the items you currently have equipped, will be swapped out if you equip the highlighted set....

LFG Call to Arms Broker

Nov 30, 2014 eridius Release
A LibDataBroker plugin that displays the current LFG Call to Arms status.

Storm, Earth, and Fire

Nov 18, 2014 eridius Release
Tracks your Storm, Earth, and Fire guardians and warns you when you're attacking their target. This addon provides two frames that show information about your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits. It displays one frame for each active spirit, along with the spirit icon, the name of its target, and raid icon / health for the target if possible. It also indicates if you're targeting one of your spirits' targets, along with an audible cue. Configuration is available in the interface options, or with...


Nov 18, 2014 eridius Release
Library to track Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits. This library requires both LibStub and CallbackHandler-1.0. This library exposes a set of functions to query the current state, and embeds CallbackHandler-1.0 to provide callbacks when the state changes. These callbacks can be registered with the usual RegisterCallback(), UnregisterCallback(), and UnregisterAllCallbacks() methods. Functions :Enabled() Returns whether the tracker is enabled. The tracker is enabled when the player is a monk in...


Jul 10, 2011 Murrain101 Alpha
JitterDKP is a text-based, self-contained DKP system that provides automatic loot announce, silent auction and distribution of raid loot. Configurable Options: Vickrey or outright bid pricing on items (default: vickrey) Award DKP to loot eligible/current raid members only and/or include standby list (default: include standby) Minimum DKP bid (default: 50) Allow users to submit multiple bids or accept first bid only (default: multiple) Days to prune stale players from database (default: 30...

Titan Panel [Social]

Aug 01, 2016 solocommand Release
Titan Social Combined RealID, Friends, and Guild plugin for Titan Panel. About Titan Social Titan Social is a Titan Panel plugin that combines all of your social interactions into one convenient tooltip! The end goal is to have a fully customizable and stylish display both on the Titan bar, and the plugin tool tip, while maintaining a low resource overhead and consolidation of social features. Titan Social will allow you to see at a glance who is online, and streamline your communications...