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SkyWars Blur


Aug 01, 2016 daboross Mature
SkyWars is back! SkyWars is back! The first publicly released SkyWars plugin is now receiving intermittent updates, and has full support for Minecraft 1.9. SkyWars v2.1.0 and above use a new arena backend, which comes with faster arena creation, and no longer requires SkyWarsBaseWorld. If you were previously using SkyWars v2.0.1 or earlier, SkyWars will transfer all custom arenas to the new backend, so please back up all SkyWars and arena data before updating. If you were previously using...


Dec 28, 2013 daboross Release
RemoveGodItems - Stop cheating players Features Removes all unattainable enchantments from inventories of players. Performs a check at the following locations. When a creative player gets a new item When a player joins Shortly after a player changes worlds Also logs all changes to console Configuration Configure at plugins/RemoveGodItems/config.yml. # Should god items be removed instead of 'fixed'? remove-items: false Basically, set remove-items to true if you want items to be completely...


Jul 06, 2013 daboross Release
TimedBlockRepair - Have blocks turn into other blocks over time! Features You can configure any block to turn into any other block a specified time after it is placed. For example you could have cobble turn into mossycobble 10 minutes after it is placed. You can create as many records as you want! You can configure any amount of blocks to replace over time! Installation To install, simply download the TimedBlockRepair.jar file and put it into your plugin folder! Commands You can use...


Jun 30, 2013 daboross Release
CostRepair - Make your users pay to repair items! Features Users can pay to repair their tools/armor! You can choose which items that are repairable! Only want users to repair tools, not armor? You can do that! Uses Vault Economy and supports all economy plugins which support Vault Pay a customizable amount for each item! Should work fine with 1.5.2 / 1.6.4 / 1.7.2 Installation To install CostRepair, simply download the CostRepair.jar file and put it into your plugin folder! After restarting...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found