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Nov 13, 2014 cstein Beta
THIS IS SUPER-ALPHA-QUALITY I'm marking this as beta for people who want to try and follow along and help contribute screenshots/benchmarks while I work on it. When I say "beta" I actually mean it. HOW TO HELP Have you got some console command that is supposed to improve the way the game looks or that is supposed to make it run better? if so, send it to me along with the minimum setting, maximum setting, and if possible a couple of screenshots or a small video highlighting the difference. If...

Touchy's Media

Nov 10, 2014 cstein Release
This addon contains any media shown in the 5.2 UI series created by Touchymcfeel, updated for WoD. This will add the following items to shared media: 1 'pixel perfect' Masque skin for raven buffs/debuffs on a 32 pixel grid that adds no 'UI chrome' to icons. 1 'pixel perfect' Masque skin for raven buffs/debffus on a 64-pixel grid that adds no 'UI chrome' to icons. Solid black and white backgrounds, status bars, and borders to create uniform "plain" name plates, borders, etc. Silkscreen font...