LDB Display & Tooltip


Jul 31, 2016 ckaotik Inactive
Have you ever been in a situation where you just can't turn in a quest because your inventory is full? Trying to figure out an item to delete that's cheap and won't make you loose much gold? This is one of the many situations where Broker_Garbage makes your life easier. What it does Broker_Garbage shows your cheapest item(s) for easily freeing bag space. It uses your auction addon of choice for pricing, including disenchant prices if available. If you don't want to throw away that precious...
Tooltip info: Price went up

Auctionator MiniFeatures

Sep 20, 2015 ckaotik Release
This addon is an extension to Auctionator that provides some tooltip enhancements: colors Auctionator's price text in bright red on items not found in today's auction house scans an indicator to show whether auction prices rose or fell since last day's data an indicator to show whether auction prices are currently higher or lower than your most recent auction for this item show Auctionator's pricing data on BattlePet tooltips some improvements for BattlePet handling to avoid Lua errors...
Mission list enhancements


Aug 07, 2015 ckaotik Release
Keep track of your garrison missions and followers. Features Mission List: Shows all available threat counters, how many followers qualify and what their current state is extends Blizzard's counter buttons or supplies its own tabs attaches to mission list, recruiter and report frames shows return time for followers that are currently on missions Shows the threats to face in each mission threats that cannot be countered with available followers are faded out Shows information for each mission:...