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LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin

Jul 28, 2016 brykrys Release
A plugin which helps LinkWrangler and Auctioneer to work together. - Accesses the LibExtraTip library (embedded in Auctioneer modules, and in a number of other AddOns) to allow the extended tooltips to be added to LinkWrangler tooltips. - The Link and Relink buttons on a LinkWrangler item tooltip can be used to load the item into Appraiser or Snatch Notes: When you have several LinkWrangler tooltips open, the extra Auctioneer info will take up a lot of screen space! One solution is to...

LinkWrangler Companion

Jul 28, 2016 brykrys Release
LinkWrangler Companion is a Plugin for LinkWrangler, to 'patch' tooltip content from certain other AddOns into LinkWrangler tooltip windows. Requires LinkWrangler 1.8 or later. Companion works with the following AddOns HealPoints: includes the HealPoints tooltip info in LinkWrangler windows. AtlasLoot (Enhanced): allows LinkWrangler's 'Capture' keybind to work from the AtlasLoot browser (to open a LinkWrangler window while mousing over an item in the browser). TipTac: applies TipTac settings...
Lots of Tooltips


Oct 26, 2016 brykrys Release
LinkWrangler will allow you to open multiple item link windows from text links in the chat window. Ever been asked to compare items from the chat window for someone? Sitting there clicking back and forth between the two links, trying to remember the statistics of each? Ever want to look at multiple items as they blaze by you in the chat frame only to find out that the other links have long since disappeared by the time you are done with the first? This is the addon for you! Features: Clicking...


Oct 28, 2016 brykrys Release
Adds an icon to the reference tooltip (from clicking on an item link in chat) and the popup tooltips (when mousing over an item). Icons can be displayed in a small frame to the side of the tooltip, in the top line of the tooltip, or used as a background for the tooltip. Works for Items, Spells, Achievements and Currency. Configuration: TooltipItemIcon uses slash commands to change modes, to enable/disable certain tooltips, and to change the location of the icon frame around the tooltip. These...