Maze World 2 - Start

Maze World 2

Oct 25, 2011 ahamling27 Release
The sequel to Maze World is here! Features: 8 mazes that get progressively harder! Multiplayer! Grappling Hooks and Lucky Horseshoes supplied for up to 40! Beds before each maze that act as checkpoints for when you want to quit and come back! Great for clan events, race to the finish of each maze with easily recognizable starting and finishing areas! Rules: No mining picks! Bring whatever you like, but Grappling Hooks and Lucky Horseshoes are supplied! Don't forget to have fun! Special thanks...
Maze 0 - Starting Area

Maze World

Aug 03, 2011 ahamling27 Release
Yep, this is a series mazes. There are now 10 mazes in this world, all connected, Maze 0 through 9, respectively. You DON'T have to start a new character. Anyone can finish the maps regardless of gear/items, but you should bring a weapon though. At the start you get a Gravitation Potion and a Lucky Horseshoe and before each maze you get a certain amount of Gravitation Potions and Torches. At your first checkpoint you have a bed to set as your spawn and you get a magic mirror and two mana...