Cursor Target Info 1.9.2 addition

Cursor Target Info

Oct 19, 2012 adracamas Release
Cursor Target Info is a simple addon that places Target info beside your mouse cursor. It also doubles as a locator device for your cursor in those massive raids! Check Updates tab for more info. In the upper-right hand corner is a clickable space with the image of the cursor in a white-blue gradient. This will open an options window. X / Y Offset refers to the adjustment of the Info Display in junction to it's distance from the cursor. Slide the sliders to move the display further, closer or...

Diamond Threat Meter for Rift

Jun 26, 2011 adracamas Planning
This was originally created by another for WoW. I requested permission and was granted. They no longer plan on working with it anymore and was given permission to 'up-keep' it. I am now bringing the addon to Rift.