Apr 06, 2012 Xocide Planning
LibProcs uses the same database as the Proculas addon. It contains procs for all classes and items.


Jun 14, 2013 Xocide Planning
mUI tries to clean up the interface and give the user as much room as possible. The main features are currently: Micro-main bar: The "micro menu" and bags are hidden, drastically reducing the width.

LibEffects 1.0

Aug 07, 2015 Xocide Release
LibEffects is a small library to handle effects such as screen shaking, screen flashing and adding sounds to be played. The API documentation can be found on the API page.
Proculas DataBroker Tooltip


Aug 07, 2015 Xocide Mature
Proculas Proculas makes tracking procs easy, it tracks proc statistics and let's you customize the proc notification. To change the options, right click on the Proculas icon, or open the interface options screen and click the Addons tab. We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast After quite a while of inactivity, I've started working on Proculas again. I'm going to do my best to fix any issues that are reported. As for Warlords of Draenor, the majority of Proculas will be rewritten,...

Aura Tracker

Aug 07, 2015 Xocide Alpha
Aura Tracker is a simple addon to easily track buffs and debuffs/DOTs on yourself and other units. Supported units: Target Planned units: Self/player Focus target Pet Pet target