GuildNote Setting Panel


Oct 24, 2016 VoyseyS Release
Originally written by kcupit, I started modifying this when I added Localisation, and then being able to edit the Professions for the guilds Public Note. This addon runs quietly and invisibly. It simply places your tradeskill information into your Public Note so that your guild members can see who in the guild is at what level when viewing the in-game guild roster. Public notes will look something like this: Enchant 327/Mining 364 You can now enter what you want to see in the Public Note....
Money Display image


Oct 24, 2016 VoyseyS Release
Author: Skizo Modified by: Shaun Voysey Title: MoneyDisplay Notes: MoneyDisplay - Small movable window displaying current Player Money. Version : 6.1.0 OptionalDeps: None Dependencies: None Original Version: 1.8 by Sphinx NOTE BY THE AUTHOR I started this project when I realized that Money Display (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=218) by Sphinx was no longer in development. Since then I've added functionality such as lock/unlock and the cashflow mode, and I'm still looking forward new...


Oct 24, 2016 VoyseyS Release
SC_ChaChing Author: Shaun Voysey Based on: SC_ChaChing by Karin of the Sleeper Cartel - Perenolde server Version: 6.1.0 Modified On: 16th June, 2015 Notes: The Author has been changed because this is So significantly different to the 'Sleeper Cartel' Version, that the only original things are 2 function names, the ChaChing Sound file, and the layout of this readme. :) ------------ INTRODUCTION ------------ Plays an old-style cash register cha-ching sound, every time an auction of yours sells!...

Lunarsphere - Fan Update

Sep 14, 2016 VoyseyS Release
Originaly By: Moongsaze Taken over by: N3od3ath Current fix by: Shaun Voysey About LunarSphere LunarSphere is an all-class version of the popular "sphere" addons that exist for various classes within World of Warcraft. Details of LunarSphere When it comes to "sphere" addons, examples that come to mind are the following addons: Cryolysis (Mage) HolyHope (Paladin) Necrosis (Warlock) Sabella (Rogue) Serenity (Priest) Totemus (Shaman) Venantes (Hunter) What separates this addon from the other...