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Dec 08, 2014 Timroden Release
Description This plugin allows you to edit signs while they are still on block/wall they were placed on. Features Logging.. Every edit made to a sign is logged in either console or a separate log file. Colours! See the Colours With SignEdit page As an added bonus, SignEdit will parse colours when you place a sign. SignEdit throws a SignChangeEvent with every edit. This means that if a player is trying to make a sign that they don't have permission to create, they can't! This is compatible...


Oct 17, 2012 Timroden Release
Current Version: 1.1 Description AdminChat creates a private chat channel for admins, adding a whole new level to how you administer your servers. With two commands, /ad and /all, you can discuss topics with fellow admins and even warn people anonymously. You can discuss who griefed what, the actions you want to take, and anything else, knowing that only admins can see what's being said. TODO Get suggestions! (Leave me a comment) COMMANDS Commands /ad <message> - Send a message in Admin Chat...

TNT Furnace

Aug 14, 2012 Timroden Release
Current Version: 1.0 Description This plugin adds a new recipe to furnaces which, when used, will create an explosion. TNT + Fuel = Explosion Config We've got one simple option for you: tntfurnace.explosionforce (Default 5): The force of the explosion that occurs when the TNT is smelted Source Code https://github.com/Tim-R/TNTFurnace
  • 3 bukkit plugins found