Feb 18, 2014 Tikiana Alpha
Sockcraft is a collection of random ideas and developed into a single mod. All content of this mod is made by the original author, known as TheEvilSocks and Tikiana (same person). Textures are made editing and combining vanilla textures. This mod includes: Craftable packed ice Ice bricks Irold ingots and blocks (iron and gold combined) Road blocks (Walk faster!)


Aug 17, 2013 Tikiana Release
Original Minecraft forum post Hello! Slimes+ adds new uses to slimeballs. You can even make tools and armor! Upcomming: Bugfix: Slime armour shows up as golden armour Installation: Install Minecraft Forge Download Slimes+ Drag Slimes+.zip to your mods folder, located in your .minecraft Videos: German review by MineModReview English review by PythonSoul English review by MixingM4trix No-voice review by me (Tikiana) FAQ: Q: Herp? A: Derp. Q: Why keeps my Minecraft crashing if I install this...