May 07, 2013 SkeenCore Planning
Library, with functionality such as scanning for weapon enchantment, to avoid code duplication in the shaman plugins, for SkeenCore3.


Jul 31, 2011 SkeenCore Planning
A simple library, that provides a single function call, that returns the minimum and maximum range to a target. Call; local min, max = Distance(unitId) Works with pretty much all unitIds, target, partyN, ect. min, and max are always non nil, and in the range between 0 and \infty The library uses serveral tools to figure out the range to a target, among others the players spells, the map coords and the interaction distances (duel, trade, ect).


May 27, 2011 SkeenCore Planning
This addon, will automatically update your addons, from within the game itself, simply by storing the addons in your SavedVariables, loading them doing the addon loading process. So how does this change anything? - It does, since you can update your SavedVariables ingame, so its simply a matter of updating those, which can be done, by the SkeenUpdater, by recieving an update ingame. - So addon developers, can simply push there addons onto curse, and even when a few people download it, they...