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Prison 2

Oct 11, 2016 SirFaizdat Release
Prison Have you ever wanted to make a Prison server, but got confused over all the plugins you had to download? And when a plugin breaks, it's a hassle to find out what went wrong? Or maybe you don't want to invest the hours in finding plugins that work and then configuring each separately? Well then, Prison is for you. Click here to follow and discuss Prison v3.0 progress. Features Easy to make mines (literally just a few commands) The mines reset, automagically Anti-lag techniques to avoid...


Sep 29, 2015 CoredCoding Release
Easy AutoBroadcast 1. A simple Bukkit 1.8 plugin that auto broadcasts any message you put in the config file with a color code as well ( is required) 2. This plugin has been viewed and tested on a test server. It has proven to work almost flawlessly. So as the author I will have this plugin in its release/beta stage. 3. If there are any issues please leave a comment down below on what is not functional. I will try and get a fix as soon as possible. 4. I am also looking for a...


Jan 21, 2014 zeshan321 Release
This plugin adds over 40+ commands and functions that make server management much easier. The plugin is developed with users in mind and, unlike our competitors, we pay more attention to user requests. Features Note that we just did a whole engine rewrite so a lot of the features have been marked (Coming Soon). Over forty different commands Custom message when logging in (CS) Custom help screens (CS) Kits (CS) Lag reduction (CS) Custom commands Installation Download the latest version by...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found